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Two U.S. presidents and an autistic boy

For years, U.S. political journalist Ron Fournier and his wife Lori, thought their son was different, quirky and socially odd. But it wasn’t until the Fournier’s saw an episode of Parenthood that they realized their son was autistic. At the time, Tyler was 12.

Fournier, an editor at the National Journal, has written an emotional essay of what it’s like to be the father of a boy he was sometimes “embarrassed” of being embarrassed about. The article is about expectations, his perceived failures of being both a father and a son, and, how two U.S. presidents helped to show Fournier everything would be all right.

Fournier’s piece will make you like George W. Bush, if not momentarily, for his ability to instantly accept and connect with Tyler.

Bush gave Fournier a presidential directive to “love that boy.” Fournier listened.


 -- Tanya Talaga


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