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Spectators will remember David's exploits at St. Eugene, Mont Tremblant, Mosport and elsewhere in his Dailus, Corvettes, UAP Ferraris and Cobra but I won't ever forget his big silly grin, shenanigans and wonderful sense of humor and all the fun he had off the track. Grabbing a post-season holiday by driving his truck filled with "stuff" to open his club in Acapulco in 1971 with his boat in tow and then getting trapped at the border in Brownsville, Texas/Matamoros, Mexico without the correct paperwork (or bribes to get through customs) and all his efforts to resolve the issue while keeping us entertained are memories not soon forgotten. The racing world is full of outrageous stories, but Greenie raised the bar on great ones. He will be missed, but not forgotten.

Wow! what a trip down memory lane Norris. for a montrealer, racing in those days was St. Eugene, the opening of Mt.Tremblant, Dave Greenblat, Peter Lerch, Norm Namerow, Ross de St. Croix (who could forget Mary de St.Croix's crazy outfits)We went to Mt Tremblant for both the racing & the nightlife. The bars in the many quaint inns scattered around the track were as noisy at night as the track was during the day. Drivers may have been playboys but their racing was purely for the love of the sport

Thank you Norris,
As a past Montrealer now living in BC I was saddened to just now hear of Dave Greenblatt's death. Your heartfelt article brought many fond memories to me as I spent some of my misspent youth at both St Eugene (very youthful) and Le Circuit where I was a participant (in an MGB), and a flag person with a big BP sign on my back. I remember the first CANAM in 1966 and watched Dave deftly squire the yellow Dino around and around - I even found an old slide of him from that season. He was also my Corvette hero in one of the ultra rare Gran Sports when I was still in high school. As for Luigi Cassiani, I used to hang around his shop off Cote de Neiges where he would masterfully tune 6 double Webers on a Ferrari with his eyes closed, totally by sound. He also had a little body shop in the rear where he repaired my old 340 Dart after a shunt. Thanks for the memories

Rest in peace Dave, I know you will be looking down and still trying to pull a few shanangans on us...with that big smile on your face. Wow , what a time we had with Lerch, myself and a few others within our tight group.

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