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What happened? The same thing as happened to his teammate - Trulli's last lap, on the same tires was just as slow. Drop the conspiracy nut bunk already, it's getting annoying.

There could be rain this weekend, so lets see how he performs.

he was on dry tires??

what kind of post is this?

16 seconds is a monumental amount of time to lose on 1 lap. Granted the tyres dropped off quickly, I would say that 16 sedonds in one lap is excessive even for dead tyres. Do I smell a rain-gate between two teams in order for the F1 golden boy to win his championship that he threw away (a couple spins late in the game) in his first year? I think so, but will we ever hear of it? doubtfull at best.

I don't believe in those conspiracy theories, but I agree that it's a pretty stupid thing for Glock to say...

Everyone on dry tires had their lap times nose-dive. Were all those teams in on it? Come on.

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