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Given the state of formula 1. I would join WRC if I was Kimi... just keep crashing cars until you become good at it.
It is a hefty price to pay to get ALonso IMO, if Ferrari pays Kimi's salary for a year to dump him on Mclaren...

This would only prove what I was saying all along - sport today is all about money. If Alonso ends up at Ferrari, he will be babied, something he really enjoys. In that sense, it may be good for Ferrari but not good for competition. Teams today do what sponsors say, just like Mercedes is telling Brawn to seat German driver in one of their cars. The show must go on....

Interesting all this is happening. My question is going to be what will happen with drivers from Sauber-BMW? Petronas/Proton/Lotus is taking over correct? Will Kimi now be a contestant to win a seat with them, or will they just have the 2 current BMW drivers in new cars? There is also the USGP team entering for next season. Then since Renault is out for 2 seasons, will there be another team entering to replace them? I know there were a few requests for entering F1. It's all so interesting. As for Kimi going into WRC, I don't know, there are basically only 2 MFG's in WRC, Ford and Peugeot. Kind of boring now. If WRC is to be popular again, we need all the different Manufacturers in again. =D

Rick - Renault is not out for 2 seasons. They were given a suspended sentence.

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