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Hi Norris,

Outrageous. A most serious breach of conduct and breaking the ethics of sporting conduct results in a "Suspended" !!!!!! sentence, whereas Mclaren gets an unprecedented fine for having intellectual property offered by a competitors employee, with no proof that it made a damn bit of difference to their competitiveness. Un-F'n`Believable. The only good thing is getting rid of Briatore and effectively neutering his driver management business. Other than that, it just sets a really bad precedence of minimal punishment for corrupting the integrity of a race. Sickening.

I think the penalty is quite appropriate given that it looks like Biatore and Symonds were the two conspirators and not the entire team. Comparing this one to McLaren's situation is like comparing apples to oranges. McLaren has been keeping secrets and denying involvement in subtle shenanigans all along and is notorious for developing frictions within its team and drivers. That last second snatch of the world championship by Hamilton leaves a lot of suspicions, what with Dennis paying a fine of a hundred million without blinking an eye. What's another few million to take the driver's championship from rival Ferrari? No wonder he left after achieving his goal, before another investigation would be made.

Hi Norris;

I agree that intentionally causing a crash puts innocent people at risk and should result in a life-time ban from this great sport.

But why was there no life-time ban when Schumacher intentionally crashed into Villenuve? Or when he intentionally crashed into Damon Hill? (he also used the same crash-to-win tactic to win a Formula 3 weekend at Macau when he was coming up).

A cheater like Schumacher also deserves a life-time ban.

I was disappointed last year when MacLaren got a fine (a large one) for cheating. I am disgusted with what Briatore et al did last year. After a lifetime of enthusiastically following Formula One, I have decided to check out. This race is over for me. And yes, I hope my blog followers and friends on facebook do the same.

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