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accidents are part of motorsport. it will never put me off. but F1 was never the same ever since Senna was gone.

The original story is from Folha de Sao Paulo, a Brazilian newspaper. Ecclestone tried to dismiss his statements, calling reporter Fabio Seixas a "liar"... but the damage was done.

About Kimi and Heikki, even saying that the race was the last of those which "mattered" would be wrong, as Raikkonen and Hamilton are fighting head-to-head on both championships, drivers (4th place) and constructors (3rd place).

So, good that you didn't say that. :)

Bernie's comments with respect to Senna's death is very old news and likely taken out of context as per usual.

He has made these comments in the past and they are backed up by the world TV numbers.

I'm no Bernie apologist, but please, he has said this when asked about Senna's death for over 15 years.

Have you checked the context of the article? I do not read Spanish, but apparently you do, so perhaps you can enlighten us on the context.

I can refer you to an old Autosport article from 1997 where Bernie's of this and was very sympathetic to the memory of Senna.

But it does make a great headline for your rather light article

it doesn't make me appear as a nice guy but then again I never said or felt I was but if Bernie Ecclestone were to pass that would be good for Formula One as well.

Well, what can I say??? Senna's death was a tragedy, but in a way or not, people like "Bernie", Patrick Head,Frank Williams, doesn't care much about lives but they do care about profits. This is the real Formula in nowadays.

Regardless whether F1 ratings actually did go up after Senna's death, you just can't say it out loud, specially when talking to a newspaper from his home town and country. You can't go to Brazil and tell them that the tragedy which killed one of their greatest heroes was a good thing. It's like going to Liverpool and telling their local newspaper that the best thing for the Beatles was the death of John Lennon.

Not sure why Williams and Head is grouped in that category....accidents happens, regardless what cars you are driving...

Senna's death did help bring about a whole lot of change to the safety rules in F1 that helped to this day. F1 has had 0 fatality since 1994's Imola race, and few, if any career ending accidents for the drivers.....Something that cannot be said for many other motorsports...

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