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Your analogy doesn't work. In your hypothetical baseball game, TSN wouldn't stop broadcasting the game in the 8th inning just because it was boring, they would see it through. The same should have been done for the F1 coverage.

Read your column and decided to post that while some fans mave leave an "almost over" hockey or ball game TSN would never do that. However Pete said exactly what I was going to say above. The trouble with TSN is than they don't take auto racing seriously, it is just a filler between the "spit and scratch" sports. The question is do auto fans not watch TSN because of this treatment .. or does TSN not cover auto racing because people aren't interested in it. For some reason out here in Eastern Ontario we still get F1 on SPEED, and what you TSN viewers missed out on was quite interesting. When racing is on TSN and an American station, I always watch the American station ... always get the feeling that I will miss something while they update hockey or ball, or get the miserable rain delay treatment ... or miss the end of race interviews as TSN rushes off to bring us up to date on "their" stuff.

TSN's coverage this season has been mediocre at best. From sound issues through to breakaways (not their fault the Beeb doesn't do commercials) where action is missed, it's been rather uninspiring coverage. Why not take the BBC feed from the get-go so we can get the pre-race coverage? Is their schedule so packed with excitement that an additional 1/2 hour is out of the question? Come on TSN, either cover it properly or let Speed show their version. Breaking away before knowing how it's going to go isn't responsible coverage, it's a joke.

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