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"Kimi Raikkonen, driving his last race for Ferrari"

Huh? Does this mean that he won't be driving at Abu Dhabi?

Strong rumor following the race was that Mark Webber had his named changed to "Jenson Button" so as to say he was actually mentioned by the BBC crew during the telecast. You wouldn't have known Webber was even at Interlagos.

Now an apology. I was one of the few who ripped Norris early in the year for his less than stellar opinion of Jenson Button as a driver. Having watched most of the races this year I have to agree (now) with Norris that Button is a good driver but not a world championship calibre driver. Sorry, Norris...you were right.

His teammate outperformed him drastically in the latter half of the year. Button got lucky. Lewis Hamilton, today, showed that he is worthy of that title and the star of Interlagos was actually Robert Kubica even though he got scant mention. To take a crapwagen like the BMW and grab 2nd place tells me that if he were Button's teammate, Jenson could star in an Austin Powers movie as No. 2. Fits him well.

Both Finns will still drive one more time for their respective teams... come on Norris, you even mentioned Abu Dhabi.

I was shocked to see there was no mention of the F1 race in the main newspaper's sports section. I would think that crowning a world driving champion and a manufacturer's crown would merit some coverage.

Qualifying coverage, with most of the down time edited out was shown on Speed in the wee hours of Saturday night. No blackout on Bell.

"Trulli went bananas ... and took out ". That's a pretty serious accusation. Trulli was (and still is) angered after being pushed of the track by Sutil at 160mph, and the car lost control when the car bottomed out on the curbing, sending it back onto the track colliding with Sutil. It was Sutil's car that subsequently took out Alonso, not Trulli, who had already hit the wall.

In spite of the fuel line still attached, the lollipop was raised and Kovalainen left the pit stall.

Giving the devil their due, the BBC did mention Webber quite often. Unfortunately, the camera feeds (over which the BBC have no control), spent very little time focusing on Webber or Kubica. The cameras spent their time focusing on the passing (of which Button did a lot), and the race for the championship. Same as last year, where the cameras spent much more time on Hamilton than the race leaders. For better or worse, the Championships were the main story. At least this way, with the Championships decided, the coverage at Abu Dhabi should be all about the race.

Jenson Button may be some race fan's idea of a winning driver, but he'll never earn the nickname 'Zipper'.

Jenson Button is nothing more than a journeyman driver. He failed to do anything to warrant a world championship after mid-season. Barrichello and Vettel (as well as several other drivers)showed him up badly for the second half of the season. Brawn should enjoy their laurels for as long as they can. All the usual suspects will be back with a vengance next March. Jense won't be anything but another mid-packer in '10. Right where he belongs. His championship was proof that the car matters more than the driver.

I must be the only one here who actually enjoyed this F1 season, apart from the politics. There was tremendous competition at each race and even qualification was exciting. I think Jensen deserved the title (most points and won races) and ran a smart season with an excellent team, car and engine. The big players, Ferrari and MacLaren were often caught napping. Jensen did more passing during the race in Brazil than we see in total for most F1 races and once he was in position for the title, did the smart move and stayed out of trouble, which shows me that he has matured to be worthy of a champion. The BBC feed did mention Webber's progress frequently, so I must have been watching another race, but I thought it was one of the most exciting of the season.

As I have maintained all along, there is too much emphasis on the world driving champion. The true emphasis should be on the genius quality of the men who develop world championship cars, like Ross Brawn and Adrian Newley. Both have demonstrated tremendous talents in car design and developments that made some drivers "worthy" of championships. Why are Red Bull and Brawn F1 at the front of the pack today, despite total oblivion just a short time ago? Certainly not because of the drivers, I would say.

Button is just super talented. With all the talent, fame and fortune he still seems rather humble. I appreciate the fact that Jenson funded his own flights to and from the races and was only given a private jet (ironically Rubens’) after Brazil in order to come back to England and celebrate with the team. http://bit.ly/1WmpXt I hope they get the contract extension signed pronto…

George, I don't know what races you were watching but this was one of the most boring F1 seasons I can remember. Was there any overtaking? Jenson drove as safely as he could each race just to finish in points, not to be a winner (although he lucked out a few times) I think there was some overtaking once or twice but when people are posting things like "Wasn't that great when Kimi got the ice cream and Diet Coke?" I'm thinking, this is dull. I've been watching for over 30 years and I long for the days of Jacques vs Michael, Kimi vs everyone etc. when there were agressive moves and passes.
The politics really blew it for me this year, I got tired of caring after a while but I do believe that all sports, including auto sports, are cyclical and we can still anxiously await some exciting years to come. And I think with the right team, Jenson may prove his worth, but then, maybe not.

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