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Wonderful use of your colunm to support this grassroots effort, and to add your voice in support of Paul Tracy. Thank you!

"Great career, PT's best day is yet to come. Hope it's a Monster!"

Andrew Bernstein
Powell, Ohio

Remember the days when the Toronto Indy gave free tickets to the average Joe and family? Sad, but now none of us can even afford one day at this race (and I loved your idea Norris of the cheap $10 tickets; it's too bad they tend to ignore your great ideas).

It would be great to see PT in a seat but it would be better if I could afford to take my family to see him, in that seat.

PT is done like toast...the way he wrecks cars....who can afford him.!!

just amazing thanks for the share

I cant say I agree more, after speaking to Paul on several occations I can truely see he is doing everything in his power to land that ride for 2010 and its not about money for him, with this its all about the fans and his love for the sport. If Monster doesnt pull through on this one for their "personal" spokesman I feel sorry for them as a company and more so as an individual in sports entertainment, for a company who claims to be extreme sports driven they arent showing much to the fans of the IndyCar Series which in my books is the grandfather of extreme sports. Anyways as I said I am hoping that Paul is able to land this because I have a feeling that between KVRT and Monster they could have a true champion on their hands...Cheers!

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