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Youtube of Ryan Newmans's incident here - I am posting this not because of the accident but because of Newman's amazing criticism of NASCAR afterwards, which can be seen at the 6:00 minute mark of this video.


One other thing about Ryan Newman's accident - I thought those little roof flaps were supposed to prevent cars from getting airbourne when they get turned around and start moving backwards - sure as heck did not work in this case. The biggest argument against the forwards aerodynamic downforce characteristics of these cars is what happens when they start travelling backwards - upforce !

I read your blog on Talladega with great interest. I was wondering if the wing on the COT is the problem in getting these cars airborne. As I remember Mark Martin’s turnover was a head-on collision with the retaining wall, however Ryan Newman was safe until he started going backwards. It is my thought that the wing gives down force when going forward but it looks like it gives lift when going backwards. It is my thought that perhaps NASCAR could reincorporate a lip spoiler with the wing. The advantage to the lip spoiler would be that it would deny high-speed air access to the wing in reverse, while running forward I believe that the wing / spoiler combination would give more down force. Another way to make these cars safer would be to give up the V8 engine and use highly tuned V6 engines. The V6 is a much more popular engine (I believe) and should reduce the power by 25% (8 vs. 6 cylinders), also maybe increase the stroke drastically which would decrease the rev limit and make them sound more like the old canam engines WOW.
Re your comments about Lewis Hamilton not coming back out to race vs. the NASCAR drivers coming out. I don’t really disagree with your thoughts although there is nothing to be gained by Hamilton coming back out as he would be a t least a lap or two behind and therefore out of the points (similar thing in IRL), in NASCAR there are still pints that can be gained. That is the beauty of 43 car fields vs. 20 car fields.
Just my thoughts and thank you for such a wonderful blog please keep it up!

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