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Have you read Richard Williams, the Guardian's chief sports writer, on Formula One? He's second only to you! He's written two fabulous books, well worth checking out -- "The Death of Ayrton Senna" and "Racers," which chronicles the 1996 F1 season, focusing on Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve.

For Williams' take on on Jenson Button's world title, see:


This is a sample (and a mark of the guy's way with words):

"Button may be still on the right side of 30, but he has had to wait longer to secure his title than all but one of his compatriots. The task that took Lewis Hamilton two seasons, Jim Clark and James Hunt four, Jackie Stewart, John Surtees and the two Hills, Graham and Damon, five and Mike Hawthorn seven to complete has occupied Button for an entire decade, longer than anyone except Nigel Mansell, the sweating, straining Sisyphus of Formula One, who rolled his boulder up the hill for 13 fretful years before managing to get it to stay put on the summit."

Stories about old timers like Branson are fascinating. Keep up the good work!

Great story, I loved the part where Andretti is the newcomer and Don is pushed to violence

Your story reminded me of one of my own.
Many years ago I was looking at a Midget, that was for sale.
The owner told me that."the car ran very well, but it ran best when Jud Larson was driving it." My resopnse,"what car didn't?"

I used to relish reading anything by John Sawyer when Open Wheel magazine was in its heyday. Thank you for the memory. And to John Chapman who commented about Jud Larson, I saw Larson make his comeback to the dirt after a heart condition kept him out of the cockpit for a few years. It was at the 1/2 mile fairgrounds track in Topeka, Kansas. He ran there on quite a few Friday nights until he picked up a USAC ride.

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