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Are they going to start a racing series in Canada or try to steal a race from one of ours.

As far as location goes with regards to such a project I would hope to have it come to Fort Erie. It seems only obvious that it would go closer to the border then farther away. That being said only time will tell just where it ends up being built. My concern is the fact that Abrahamson makes the comment that if the "mom and daughter's don't like racing they can go and see the sights and be back in time to meet up for dinner with the dad and sons" seems pretty sexist to me. Being that I myself am a "mom" and an avid race car fan. I also know a number of "dad's and son's" that don't have alot of interest in racing. I know quite a few other "mom's and daughter's" that I am sure would have the same opinion as me. If Mr Abrahmson is looking to generate a crowd to his proposed track then perhaps he shouldn't knock down the people that would be the ones to fill the stands. At that I myself would much rather attend at a track that doesn't discriminate as to whether or not you are male or female.

Mr. Abrahamson has obviously never waited an hour in a long line of 18-wheeler traffic to cross the border. Imagine that procedure with a major motor race's traffic. Plus, the Fort Erie area, already tacky enough since the 1950s, should be considered hallowed ground since a major battle of the War of 1812 was fought there. Many Canadians died there, and many Americans. After 40+ years in racing, I don't see a promoter of Mr. Abrahamson's ilk being warmly-welcomed into the world of professional motor sports. His kind has never fit well with those involved in racing to make an honest living.

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