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A Formula Atlantic car is capable of, what, 280 km/h? That's a giant step from even the fastest karts. Just as an actual race is a giant step away from a private test. What are the series organizers (and Veach's parents) thinking, to allow this to happen? If the kid gets badly hurt or, god forbid, killed, the ramifications could be huge.

I agree it just doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm a firm believer in proper development and going from karting to the Atlantic Championship is just too big of a step in my opinion. As pointed out in the above post--- Eric Jensen is quite confident in this young man's abilities. So time will tell if this is the right move or not....

I know Veach has done a lot of testing, but, as we all know, there is a huge difference between testing and racing especially in a top-tier junior formula series.

For anyone interested, I wrote a couple of posts on a similar topic last week... both look at the decreasing age of junior formula competitors.



It's important to note that quite a few people disagree on this particular topic, so it's always interesting to hear the point of view from all.


Dumb move. The kid needs lots of close competition at speeds that
should not result in serious injury or death. Wrong series and a lack of common sense from his handlers.

As a professional human performance trainer for racing drivers, its important to note that this is a sport and that the body's muscular and nervous system can be conditioned in preparation for any sport.

All professional race drivers who are successful started at a young age.

He should do a year in USF2000 or Star Mazda before going to Atlantics - Thats a hell of a learning curve

This young at this level, Simon? I don't think so. The ability to condition the body's muscular and nervous systems is irrelevant here.

Jensen's past driver hasn't exactly been brimming with talents in the past few seasons in FBMW. The are often at the back and not to mention they ran Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle TV show, who has decided after playing a season in FBMW at the back he was good enough to drive Atlantic car also....From Jensen's point of view as long as the kid can afford to pay for the repair bill he'll be good enough to race...

Racing is all about having a rich dad or uncle , even Brian Stewart would put this kid in a indy light.

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