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Now I'm not saying there's no truth to the story but ... Gazzetta Sportiva is an Italian paper, and as we all now Luca di Montezemolo hates the new teams with a passion, and so he may well be stirring things up again, he will do anything to get 10 Ferraris on the grid.

I think...The US Team is full of Hot Air..No drivers mentioned at this point!! I read somewhere there has been NO Wind Tunnel Testing...I would love them to be there for the first Race..and kick $ss.. However, I don't think that's going to happen.

USF1 seems to be the only team being hounded about progress on their 2010 entry. Why?

They are, in fact, the only team who's produced video documentation of their cars construction.

We have more evidence of progress from USF1 than any other team in F1.

In fact, USF1 is the only constructor to this point who we know has built anything.

If rumors are to be extrapolated from known fact, then rumor has it that USF1 will be the only team on the grid in Bahrain.

Bernie rarely looks foolish. Peter Windsor is a media type; second only to politicians in their application of the truth.

On the USF1 website's "contact us" page, they have a tick box where you can inquire about jobs at USF1. I was willing to help this fledgling team out by applying for the job of driver since they seem to be having an issue with this. I don't drive a particularly fast car and I haven't received a speeding ticket in about 15 years, but I doubt that the USF1 car will be very fast anyway. Plus I am North AMERICAN. Think of the marketing potential USF1!!!

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