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I think Danica will do just fine. She has real good equipment which most rookies don't have. So she can concentrate on the driving part only. The important thing is it will bring good exposure to ARCA and Taxi Cab Racing in general.
Auto Racing today needs more of this kind of excitement!!
It will bring new fans on board!!

This is great for the sport! Danica and Nelson Jr. in the same race! The respect for NASCAR is gaining in leaps and bounds amongst the open-wheel perfectionists and its great. May the best right foot win!

Andretti did pretty well in NASCAR, too. But it sounds to me as if your unnamed stock-car racer will fare about as well in an open-wheeler as Franchitti did in a stocker. What's the guy going to do when he gets on a track that he's NOT familiar with?
Incidentally, did Andretti ever do any drag-racing? I keep seeing references on-line to him quarter-miling but never any details and it doesn't stir any memories. He certainly was no Danny Ongais.

Or Mickey Thompson. How could I forget him?

Well than, assuming this isn't more hot air than substance the only possible driver this could be is John Andretti. He has no full time NASCAR ride like the others that competed in the Bud Shootout and has IndyCar experience.

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