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Was it Gary Morton ?

I still can't understand how Danica remained on the lead lap after pitting twice for damage repair. But still a very good ride for her!

Danica did a great job.
I'm sure there are a 1000 other Racers that could
have done as good a job with the equipment she had!!
And you didn't mention Alli Owens!! she ran 3rd for a long time. I think she did a good job for someone I never heard of before!!

But Danica has put ARCA on the map...and it will be
interesting to how she does when she moves up to
Nationwide and Cup.

I wish her Good luck and yes, she has brought new fans
to Taxi Cab Racing.. LOL

Given that Danica was driving a Hendrick car, 5th is really not such a great result. Come on Norris, this is ARCA, home of the cast off cup cars. Hendrick cars are, well, anything but cast offs. Really, the Danica fever has been over the top for years and now with NASCAR on the ropes she is their great hope to revitalize an otherwise tired and somewhat boring race series.

Are you really comparing Danica Patrick(accomplished racer, yet to win a championship, gets a lot of attention because she is of the opposite sex)'s one-off stint(so far) in ARCA(one of the many feeder series to the feeder series of the big league stock car) to Nigel Mansell(at the time, reigning F1 champion with most win in a season to that point)'s transition to CART(big league Indy car racing, pre-split)? Really shouldn't be on the same scale...

Sam Hornish had the pole and ran 1st all day until problem in pits caused second place finish in first ARCA event.

I personally expected much better from Ms. Patrick. She gets so much press because she's an attractive female and she has grown much larger that her talent level deserves.

I remember Kenny Irwin driving a Yates car and winning the ARCA 200 race in his only start. I expected much the same from an IRL winner (even if it was just a fuel mileage win) driving a Hendrick racecar. Personally, I'd recommend talking to Ms. Ali Owens if a sponsor is looking for an attractive female to be their face person. Not only is she a looker, but I’ll bet that an investment of good equipment in her career would return some wins.

While I’d like to see Danica drive at a non-restrictor plate track before I make a final judgment, I’m willing to bet that she will not win in either ARCA or Nationwide this year, based on watching her draft. Usually women are too timid to draft efficiently and she drafted like a girl (not meant to be an insult, just an observation).

DK I guessing, and based on some of the drivers that competed and drafted with her, you're wrong.

Apparently all indications are for a "first timer" she did A OK in the draft.


Are you kidding me? Danica, is a very experienced veteran race car driver, that had the luxury of an absolutely top of the line car and team. She finished 6th, in a car that was very capable of winning.

In fact, I could probably name you 100 racers off the top of my head that would have finished as well or better in the same car and with the same team.

She has been in the very best equipment throughout her professional career and has a grand total of one win. A race in which she never contended for the lead, and may not have passed a car on the lead lap, who was not saving fuel! Oh but she's a "Racer" all right.

She backed into her one, and only, win of her career, but has driven nothing but top of the line equipment, for top of the line teams. If she were a male driver, or if she were not pretty, she would be out on the street looking for a real job. She would have never gotten her foot in the door, with her record, if she were judged on her results on the race track.

There is one, and only one reason, she ever made it to the cockpit of an Indy car, much less, the seat of a JR Motorsports stock car. And it has nothing to do with what she has accomplished on a race track.

It is as simple as that. You can put all the lipstick on a pig you want to, but it still does not change the fact that she has underperformed her entire career.

Now, if she had been in a "regular" ARCA car, with a regular ARCA team and she came home sixth, I would say, well done. But coming on sixth in a car that 98% of professional drivers would have qualified in the top 3, if not on the pole, and would have been in contention for the win, is not big deal.

This isn't about some one, Kyle Petty, or me, or anyone else, eating their words. This is about a very experienced race car driver getting rides she hasn't earned on the track, and continuing to under-perform.

Moreover, she continues to under-perform despite having huge advantages over the great majority of her competitors. After she fails to perform at a level commensurate with her equipment, we get the likes of you and other people telling us how great she did.

You are not her daddy, I expect her daddy to tell us how wonderful Danica is despite her lack of accomplishments; I expect you to give us some critical analysis. If I didn't know better I would think this stuff comes straight out of a PR machine.

For example, why didn't someone, anyone, write an article about how other drivers have performed in similar situations? It takes one of the responders on here to point out that Sam Hornish, in a similar setting, sat on the Pole and came home second in the race.

How about Ricky Carmichael coming home 7th in the same race? Everyone wants to point out how Ms. Patrick "man-handled" him to take a position away on the last lap. No one dare mention that he is a moto-cross rider making a transition to stock cars. For the love of Pete, Ms. Patrick has thousands of miles more seat time than Carmichael, yet she finished just one spot in front of him; no one mentions that?

You want to jump on Kyle Petty, well, if I am not mistaken 30 years ago an inexperienced and 18 year old Kyle Petty won his first Stock car race ever at Daytonna in the same race. He didn't have anything approaching the driving experience of Ms. Patrick; yet he out performed her. Wouldn't you think that would be interesting, to compare, and to put her performance in context, especially since you seem so keen on seeing the same exact guy "eat" his own words?

No, doing things like actually comparing her to other drivers, without "spin," would shine the light of day on her failings and we certainly don't want to do that. Once again, she gets a pass; she gets graded on an extremely favorable curve.

Do your job if you want to be taken seriously.

Kyle Petty is one of the very few that has the guts to call a spade a spade.


She is not a "first timer" as the draft is concerned. If you don't think IRL drivers deal with the draft, you're wrong. Granted the plates change the nature of the draft, but the draft is very real to an open-wheel IRL car traveling in excess of 200 mph at IRL tracks like Indy, California, and Michigan.

As far as her fellow drivers, first they are ARCA drivers. Most are not very accomplished at restrictor plate racing themselves. Secondly, look at all the buzz surrounding Danica. These fellow drivers know that any criticism would be reported and twisted by the media to the point that they'd be labeled sexist and their own sponsors might drop them. Lastly, I have eyes. I don't need independent validation of my opinion.

I personally don't mean to be overly critical of her. She finished the race in one piece, on the lead lap, and in the top ten. All worthy accomplishments, albeit underachieving for a driver of her experience paired with a team that is essentially a Hendrick team. My point is that she is receiving WAY TOO MUCH COVERAGE for a driver of her limited talent. When I read an article about a driver, I want to read about that driver because of their accomplishments on the track, and not because of the way they fill out their driving suit. Last month JR Motorsports put out a publicity photo of her in front of her Nationwide car. She was dressed like twenty dollar hooker in the photo, not a race car driver. The photo looked more like belonged in a skin magazine than in a racing publication. Her performance in the race Saturday may have deserved honorable mention in some racing article, but certainly not headline billing.

Holding up an inferior driver and making them out to be much more than they really are is not good for the sport. In the long run, it'll make for a bunch of disappointed fans.

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