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P.S. Reporter Robin Miller said on the Speed News program last night that Danica wouldn’t talk to reporters after the IndyCar test in Alabama. You can interpret that statement one of two ways:

1. She’s getting too snotty and it’s imperative that her employer, Michael Andretti, who has her under contract, tells her to smarten up or he’ll fine her.

2. More likely, she’s already decided to go to NASCAR sooner rather than later. In short, it’s only a matter of time.


You forgot #3, Norris......she had a crappy test and didn't fell like talking about it at that moment, but she spoke about it on Trackside Friday night though.

For what it's worth, I'm on Danica's side in that wreck, McDowell definitely came down on her (and let's face it, Michael McDowell is second only to John Wes Townley as the wreck-master... Complete disaster.)

USF1 says wait till next year:

...but from what I read you can figure that Ken Anderson won't be a part of it. the internal spin doctors were at work but Anderson according to team member is directly responsible for the train wreck that is USF1. wonder if this will stain the bright and shiny Peter Windsor?

I can't report in detail..............um...NASCAR:

but Uncle Norris.......you missed NASCAR marketing at its finest. Kim Kardashian and her, ah....promotion(s) were out in full force while Mike Bliss had to wear a pink (jumpsuit) according to Kimmy. Talk about a deer in the ..nevermind... When she did the "gentlemen start your engines.." with Carrol Shelby, the old coot didn't even give her the microphone to yell at the same time. No doubt his pacemaker was put on "1" . Flipside of all this. You promote MARKETING and some tart comes up to promote her line of cosmetics yet someone like Jake Elder who built NASCAR passed away and his efforts are overshadowed by a pair of funbags. NASCAR in 2010. At least Kyle Petty saw the humor in all of this.

Danica baby...: Can I tell you why Danica will never ever leave the IRL? Because she never, ever has a chance to win a NASCAR race but yes, believe it or not she could win the Indy 500. And that puts her back to her base roots. She can huff...and puff and become a track car diva all she wants; she's a open wheeler and better people have done worse than her in NASCAR. That will be proven out. Case closed.

Harsh words from allenparkpete but it's difficult to fault his reasoning.

Meanwhile, ESPN this morning is quoting Eddie Jordan as saying that Stefan GP will take over USF1's spot on the grid at Bahrain, with Jacques Villeneuve behind the wheel. Let's hope Jordan is correct.

USF1 - Autosport is reporting they've sent everyone home and turned off the lights.


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