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With all the efforts of making F1 more exciting, the Bahrain race was really a disappointment. It was more of the same old stuff of the last few years. The only pass of note came at the begining, that of Alonso on Massa and even then, it looked like Massa purposely let Alonso through. The rest of the passing was done in the pits, as usual, and because of mechanical problems. Otherwise, the results were set after the first lap. There seem to be too many rules and not enough driver input in F1 today. I would suggest that computers should be limited in use to take away so many driving controls and let the skills of the driver do the driving, including passing.

It's still a combination of track design and aero design. How to spice up the show? Have Mark Webber qualify on the pole every race and then overfill his oil tank; the Nervous Nellies behind should react accordingly.

I agree somewhat with Edward that the "computer" has even the playing field and creativity or the unfair advantage is lost now. But you can't point the finger completely at the engineers and designers when the powers that be change their minds in an inconsistent fashion. A technical chappy can only respond by analysis and hard data and some of those guys in the F1 tech field are second to none. If anyone is paying attention, they're the true racers.

But Norris is right again (kack...cough...arghh). Less is more.

Ugly cars and boring race! One would think that the brains at that level of the sport... both the FIA and teams... could come up with something that made racing interesting.

Hemingway would roll over in his grave...was it not he who said "there are only three sports, bullfighting, motor racing and mountaineering all the rest are merely games". Me thinks F1 has become a game!And a boring one at that.

Just a comment on Michael's race and upcoming season. Like all the veteran drivers who have tried the big comeback in F1 and other top racing series, Michael's season is doomed to end in disappointment. He should know that F1, despite all its faults, is still one of the most ruthless and cutting-edge of sports, and if you are not a tenth or more ahead of your car then you are miles behind. He may hang on by the skin of his teeth for a few races and he may even manage to pull off a fluke win before the season is out. The competition is just too tight and too tough this year, what with Alonso and Vettel at their peak. Michael Schumacher won't be back next season.

Put the front tires on the back,and will have nose to tail racing again.

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