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Rules are changed constantly, for whatever reason. Let the races roll under today's rules until further changes are deemed necessary. If new entries are hazards to the "real" drivers, then I'm sure new rules will be instituted. At least, with the new cars in the races, we will see some passing, something that has become so rare that most of us think we are watching a funeral procession in fast motion.

Can't agree Edward.

Those new teams are not only slow but a few of the drivers have never even entered in an F1 race let alone test their cars till this weekend. That is certainly a dangerous situation given the variance in experience between drivers at the top and the bottom. Ever watch LeMans?

Of equal concern: I'm finding myself agreeing with Norris! Ouch. 3 blogs in a row I think. That 107 rule has shades of NASCAR where it suits the series given good times and disappears rapidly when the grid suffers.

Was F1 not about the highest racing standards on the planet and it was up to the teams and sponsor participants to meet that standard?

As a (simple) suggestion but a suggestion nonetheless as I was taught if you have a criticism; offer a solution: Should any new team wish to enter in F1, they should not be eligible till they meet that 107% rule on speed given the current track record of 3 sessions during the F1 season at designated tracks.

Pick 3 tracks. Let's say Silverstone, Barcelona (not on the F1 calendar) and Valencia.

For every one third of the season there is an "all F1" participation with established teams of course and any newbies wishing to enter. The new teams or team need to be at least within 107% of the leading team in that full weekend session.

If you do not make that 107%, you do not participate for the next third of the season or in the final test, till next year.

What it does is at least allow the new teams to establish a target to particpate and alert their sponsors and it also gives the established teams fair warning.

Just a suggestion.

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