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And its not just NASCAR. Whether it be F1, NASCAR, IRL or a few other racing series, they all have that one thing in common in that the people at the top put $$ and arrogance ahead of The Show. Make no mistake, a strong racing series would slap Carl Edwards with at least a 2 race suspension but because Brain...sorry, I mean Brian France and Mike Helton gave the edict of spicing up racing this year, Carl can claim and manipulate to his advantage, a free pass from anything harsh in the way of punishment. He won't get much. Sad in that a very talented driver has to resort to dealing with a young "pest" in Brad Keslowski but Edwards on track actions were inexcusable...and really very "huffy" (ie: driving the wrong way down the pit straight).

But why all this frustration?

Because the COT is joke. Yes, its a joke. The car lends itself to poor racing.

You'll never hear the NASCAR Obi Wans claim it is and the shills like the Waltrip Bros. and Kenny Wallace and the rest of the clan won't either but the racing is BORING. Some teams haven't figured it out (even on Hendrick) and the results are predicatable, hence the frustration of talented drivers like Carl Edwards. So lets segway (segue?) to F1 and put Toyota in place of a racing team like Roush. Same thing. They spent $$ but never got the results and the same old same old kept and keeps winning with exception of Jenson Button. But if you read the headlines, F1 is breathing a sigh of relief because someone who is 41 is coming out of retirement to inject life into that series. Not only is that a cop out to cover poor decision making from the past but that can't be a good sign and if old Mikey has superior results more than a few noses will be out of joint not to mention some career aspirations. What would be the end result. Frustration on track and some rough driving.

IRL.....Norris covered the Danica thing and her high visibility versus the others, but lets face it, drivers there very well could also show some erratic behavior and the root cause in all series is that grab for the scant few bucks that were plentiful in years past. Teams suffer and drivers do get frustated.

I think you'll see a wild racing season overall and it has nothing to do with aggressive driving so much as it has to do with guys putting up with mediocrity. Not all their doing but something's up. Put your crash helmets on.

If you look at the full replay 3 laps before, you will see Brad is no angle...the down side is jpm only got a 3 th.

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