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The fact that Edwards was more than 150 laps down when he re-entered the race means this incident was utterly premeditated. He was on the track simply to wreck Keselowski. His comment afterward that he didn't expect Keselowski's car to get airborne is disingenuous at best. I'm wondering, too, who in NASCAR said what to Keselowski about the incident. In the pits after it happened, he was calling for Edwards to be penalized. But now I believe he's saying this soft tap on the wrist is enough. Perhaps someone reminded him of which side his bread is buttered on.
What's next, removal of the restrictor plates so this sort of thing can go on at even higher speeds with more spectacular results? Maybe move the first few rows of spectators back a bit to lessen the chance of carnage among the cash-customers? Or -- logical progression -- NASCAR could borrow that ever-popular standby of back-country dirt tracks, figure-eight racing. Keep the flying metal and body parts well away from the crowd but centrestage where everyone has a perfect view.

NASCAR needs these manufactured "feuds" because the "racing" is puttng us all to sleep.
With the way cars are built and the SAFER barriers it's extremely unlikely any driver will be seriously injured or killed on the track. Earnhardt Sr. was the last Cup driver killed and that was 10 years ago. As long as debris doesn't get into the spectators there's no problem so NASCAR puts on Discipline Theatre behind closed doors down at the "Oval Office" where I'm sure the worst thing that can happen is running out of cold Bud. Drivers like Edwards get hit with "probation" and no Nintendo for a month and then fly home on the corporate Global Heater. Meanwhile the same few moneybag teams win every week while the same lame-duck field-fillers limp around the track and collect appearance money. Is it any wonder the fans are staying away in droves?

NHL? Great idea...set up a penalty box! So, does this go on his nc auto insurance / driving record? It should! Then see if he can race again! SUSPENDED LICENSE FOR 36 MONTHS! The state should charge him with vehicular assault! "No...No..I'm sorry...I didn't mean to do it..." And for that he get a 3 race suspension. Sad.

Er, I don't know what to say other than read my post from two blogs ago. Nailed it. Edwards is smart enough to know he got away with it. Come later in the season this'll all backfire.

I do agree with Norris that whether its the NHL or NASCAR or F1 or what have you, outside authorities will eventually step in if 'political' decision making overrides what is obvious. Time to see if the powers that be have hair on their Peaches.

Note to the leaders of Sport: Sometimes delivering the harsh hand of discipline is the correct means of explaining yourself; do it before others do it for you.

As someone who volunteers in pit lane at Mosport for a car going the wrong way is horrendous. A driver strapped into their car can do five or six barrel rolls, drop the net and walk away. We in pit lane however have a radio and a little plastic helmet. Just for that he should have been suspended three races, fined 50k and loose 25 driver's points.

Nascar is like F1..It's NOT about Racing anymore!!It's all about MONEY. Not punishing Edwards is absolutely WRONG...and YES...going the wrong way on Pit Road is suicidal..that should have been a major penalty on it's own.. I can hear the booing now!!

Sports related to car racing are gradually developing. There is a lot of agendas in continuing this event such as for entertainment and gaining millions of dollars. It really dangerous but for money's sake, all are risked.

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