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Good for them, really. But much of the attention for this competition is from the "F1" association. While it encourages high schooler for stepping into an engineering path, I think it does little of substance. Canadian schools have done well in other, higher level(collegiate) of engineering competition such as Formula SAE, with schools like ETS of Montreal, U of Toronto and U of Waterloo have had various levels of success in international stage in a competition now encompassing 300+ schools world wide in all continent. And gets little in terms of attention. Which is a shame really since students actually makes real race cars and drive them to compete, and much of the Canadian teams are reliant of industry sponsors as opposed to some of their US counterparts where heavier faculty funding help runs a rather expensive operation(new car every 12 month from scratch, international travel, short lead-time one-off parts, lots of carbon fiber...etc).

I think these kinds of contests are great and my congratulations to the winners.

@racingmaniac While I think that the college/university competitions are wonderful, and I agree that the teams from Canadian universities deserve more attention, I think you're missing the point of these secondary school compettions. The main purpose of these secondary school level science competitions is not to push the envelope of engineering development, but simply to encourage secondary school students to consider studying science or engineering in university.

It was a lot of fun designing and building all these cars and get to know the different aspects of engineering through a new method...The name in the third place winning in F1 In Schools is spelled wrong it was Zarana Bavishi.

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