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Clive here.I'm not a fan of any driver ..that's for kids. Motoring racing is about taking it to the edge...what Hamilton did in Malaysia and what he did going into the pits and exiting in China is nothing . Have you forgotten Villeneuve and Arnoux...bumping wheels at 180 mph. The best... that is what F1 is about. The political correctness in F1 is a joke. When I saw Hamilton swerving to break a tow...what was wrong with that. I believe it was Petrov that followed him swerve for swerve. Come on Noriss this is bloody motor racing . Goddam it even the FF drivers think their F1 drivers and they follow nose to tail like a bunch of kindergarden children. Whta the hell has happend to open wheel racing? Motor racing is not just about the car and driving but who has the gonads!

Racing on the course is where passing is exciting to watch. What Hamilton did, both in the pit lanes with Vettel, and at the entrance to the pit lane, was outright dangerous. I admire Hamilton's talents and enthusiasm, but dangerous driving has to be stopped. It's like the many injuries in hockey today, some players play dangerously and the league lets them get away with it because it brings excitement to the game, along with the injuries. I'm sure that if the governing bodies don't act, the drivers will.

Should I be doing a rethink of my conviction that Schumacher would win another world championship or is it still too soon to tell? Either way, I don't think either Hamilton or Button will be in the running. As you say, Button won on a gamble yesterday. Much more so than pure driving ability. And was it his decision to stay out or his team's?

As for Tagliani, I don't think it's hard luck following him around; he's just not particularly good. I'm not so sure yet about de Silvestro -- she might just come into her own, given a little more time -- but both Patrick and Duno have money deals that have little to do with talent.

er... banging wheels at 180 mph on the track is nothing like risking a massive pileup entering pit lane, potentially risking the lives of pit crew members, as well as any other drivers trying to get into the pits.

THANK you Norris for being what seems like the first journalist to even MENTION Hamilton's ridiculous dive-bomb into the pits......... But did you miss Alonso doing it as well, to his TEAMMATE? This is getting absurd.

How can you call that blocking? Hamilton clearly initiated the side to side movement and Petrov followed him, not the other way around. If he was blocking, he'd move over to counter Petrov's movement.

I like Hamilton, he's a great driver and fun to watch. But that stunt going into the pit lane was just dumb. I suspect that had he done it against somebody a little more hot headed than Vettel (ex: Alonso) there likely would have been an accident. Moreover, I suspect that Hamilton's behaviour heading into the pits more than likely lead to Vettel's little nudge to the right when they were "racing" out of the pits. That little nudge that pushed Hamilton towards the pit crews was the scariest thing I'd seen in a while. If the two cars had crashed going into the pit lane they only would have hurt themselves. If they'd crashed while "racing" in the pit lanes they could have seriously hurt a lot of people in the pits.

I'd also like to say that I'm glad you didn't talk about Schumacher. I'm getting sick of hearing about him. I've never been a fan of Schumacher, but even I'm getting tired of the thinly veiled Schumacher bashing. After all, it's not like he started on the front row and finished 6 or 8.

Re "Is it a good thing for the sponsor’s car to win the Indy car race?" I'm not so certain SP would feel the way you described, as I think he'd say there is a big difference between a series sponsor winning and a series owner winning.

Norris, How about that race Sunday! No one can say that was a boring race. Do you know if the cars are back home yet. I read today that the Lotus cars are expected to be flown in tonight at 9pm. Some were talking about the Trans-Siberain railway for them...or a ship. Can you imagine the fun the Somali pirates would have with those cars...?!?

Its dangerous to drive parallel to other race car. I appreciate the talent of the driver that no accident happened at the race.

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