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Mr. Norris,

Could you help me get in touch with Mr. John Lyons? I am trying to put together a Miss Supertest display at the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum in Kent, Washington, USA. Looking for some
Supertest memorabilia to be used in the display.

Any Miss Supertest fans who have any ideas or suggestions,
please contact me.

Amazing how the stamps or seals eternalize stories.
I do stamps (carimbos) almost every day and am impressed with some stories.

Skip I'd love to see your display be as accessible to the public as possible. When I was a kid in Sarnia , we would go down to the government docks for fishing and / or swimming and sometimes one of the Miss Supertests would be moored just outside her shed and we'd be able to go directly alongside and be Wowed. The massive rumble when they fired it up and headed out for tests was something I remember to this day. What a thrill for us kids. Now days every thing unfortunately is cordoned off and somewhat removed. Anything you can do to make the display hands on or "dockside accessible to kids" would be great. Great idea and good luck. Dave King

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