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I pretty much watched the same things yesterday you did, Norris and I have to say I enjoyed the Indy qualifying. I liked Ana Beatriz's comment saying 'this is nuts out here'. She did a great job as did many others who went out more than once and improved their chances. Poor PT though. Goes to show a guy that good can get bit by equipment and circumstances as much as anyone else. Remember when Al Jr. and Emmo did not qualify for Indy one time? As for Danica and Kyle Busch maybe they should get a simultaneous time out in a pink walled room.

Danica Patrick has yet ever to lose a race due to her own faults. Every slowness and every accident is always, always, always somebody else's fault.

Is Danica *really* the only race car driver to have ever placed the blame for a bad session on their car setup, the tires, the fuel and a milion other variables that are out of their control? Heck some drivers bitch about the car even when they win, to make themselves look even better (Mansell was terrible for this). Danica really hates to lose, like most other drivers, full stop, and if the team didn't think that getting panned once in a while wasn't worth having her in the car, she wouldn't have that ride for more than another minute.

Danica does it every single time. But I digress. I'm here to defend Kyle Busch. 1) Stop whinin' about him not talking to the media after something like this happens. You rail on him and call him a baby for not talking, but if he did talk to you, you rail on him for being impolite and not politically correct and OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS SAYING WHAT HE THINKS *GAAAAAASP* You people need to make up your mind what you want in your NASCAR drivers. You can either have Jimmie Johnson's vanilla, or old school Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch's attitude. You can't have it both ways. 2) You mean to tell me that you have never once in your whole life had somebody you like do something stupid to you and say "i'm gonna kill that (*@#$"? If you tell me no, you're a liar. Get over it.

Every one kept saying ths year that Kyle had changed and was becoming mr. nice guy. Well, I think we all seen that all this was just a show and as we've seen when something doesn't go his way he's back to his old spoiled rich kid bratty self! He has wrecked plenty of people in all three series and can dish it out but he sure can't take it when it happens to him.

Wow PT blows it....but Tag's is looking good to WIN the big dance!

Tracy seems to have screwed up royally in throwing away his #33 qualifying spot and trying for something better, which he didn't get. At least if he'd started at the back of the pack, he'd have made a race of it. That's more than Danica Patrick will do. If she finishes in the top half of the field -- or even finishes at all, come to that -- I'll be surprised. So let's hope for a miracle from Tagliani. A miracle is what it will take.

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