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If Alonso was just cruising to the finish, how did he manage to get the car so sideways?

The trophy presenters were this time Prince Albert for the winner, and the children of Stefano Casiraghi for the rest of the podium finishers.
Stefano Casiraghi was an offshore boat racer killed 20 years ago while competing at the world championship held at Monaco. He was a good friend of the royal family. I thought it was a very nice gesture to commemorate that sad event by having his children presenting the trophies.

On another note, the safety car rule in F1 needs to be tidied up. The race should have finished under yellow flag.

Save for the excitement of the Monaco circuit, the race wasn't really a race. The order of finish for the first five was determined after the first corner! It's too bad that TV crews must resort to the backfield for any semblance of passing. Schumacker's pass on Alonso was a classic racing pass. If the order was to remain, the race should have ended on a yellow light/flag, whether the pace car was on the circuit or not.

Why was Monaco so early this year? It's normally held the morning of Indy Sunday on Memorial Day weekend, which was a nice little scheduling quirk for North American fans.

"Why was Monaco so early this year? It's normally held the morning of Indy Sunday on Memorial Day weekend, which was a nice little scheduling quirk for North American fans."

Bob Varsha said during the Friday practice session that Monaco follows Easter in the calendar - a floating date. When they devise the Formula 1 season schedule they establish Monaco first and the rest around it.
I did not know this and was very suprised by it. Still don't know why it is important for Monaco to link the event to Easter.

Well next time Alonso could put Schu into the wall,like NASCAR...but really Trulli's move was so bone headed.

'quote' I think cages would help. They wouldn’t take anything away from the F1 car and it would make it much safer for the drivers.

Disagree? Think Jeff Krosnoff. 'unquote'

You know... you really need to watch the video from Krosnoff's crash again and you'll rethink this second comment. The accident generated a 100G impact with a metal/cement post and then a 2' dia tree. NO roll bar design would have helped in this accident.

In the end race groups learned a lot about preventing these impacts by adding or building better fencing, the 'safer' barriers and getting the cockpit sides higher. You should know that there ARE rollover hoops in F1 (inside the airboxes) and these hoops are tested by the FIA to support twice the weight of the car.

Adding an extra roll over device that covers the drivers helmet or cockpit can cause other issues such as safely removing drivers with back injuries and or quick exits during on board fires. Seems to me - your either lucky or good. No inbetween. Just saying. (Mosport Corner Worker and blue flagging @ Molson Indy 1996)

The Krosnoff accident is not applicable here indeed.
Even if the chassis remain intact and the 'cage' protects the driver's head, at 100g impact the driver hardly remains alive due to internal injuries.

Agreed Norris. Green means go. Schumacher got jobbed. I like what I see. Schuey still has that aggressive mentality no matter what the rest write about.

Nice, very thorough study of the race. Let's analize it: rule 40.13 it's a mess, we all agree. It seems that FIA must select better people at the time they elaborate rules having "the safety of the pilots always on mind". Therefore, both interpretations of it: the one that has cost Michael the sanction and yours, seems to me can be applied. The judges decided to sanction him... well, it's like refrees on a soccer match: some times they are right, some times they are wrong. What YOU don't seem to know is that Alonso talked with his team on radio asking if overtaking was possible, and they told him no, so he decided against putting himself at risk and losing ALL the points trying to defend only 1 position. I hardly see that as being "napping" as you have stated. I remind you that Alonso started last, and finished 6th or 7th, whatever the case. I'm sure it would have pleased you more if he had tried to defend his position and he and Michael had collided on that last turn, don't you agree? Tha way, the safety car could have been deployed once more! Good for the show! Please, recollect all the facts before stating an opinion on the media. Those people there are risking their lives, let's try not to disrespect them. Thanks.

Fernando's team was following the rules and Michael's team didn't know, or were pushing the rules. End of story.

"Alonso caught napping" is very appropriate description in my view. He could have positioned his car so that Schmacher could not get inside, regardless whether under yellow flag or green flag.

As far as FIA rules, application and enforcement, it is a royal mess.
The Race Control people must be fired over this, not a driver penalized and be made a scapegoat. There are a whole bunch of people, friends of Max Mosley, who should not be involved in Formula 1. Their time has passed too.

I hate Michael Schumacher, but he was indeed robbed. You see green flags/lights, you go--it's that simple. The race stewards were 100% at fault.

Michael was robbed, even without looking at the replays. The FIA has taken his points away with one hand then announced that they are going to review the rule on the other.

If the rule was so doubtful then Schumacher should have been allowed to keep his points, which he had earned on the track, on grounds that the cars and drivers on the track should have precedent over uncertain lawyers in the boardroom. Ooops, I forgot, this is Formula One, where the lawyers usually win.

Michel Schumacher is old now. He can not handle the pressure and speed of F1. You need to more vigilant and quick enough to look someone is approaching you. For that you need to be fit.

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