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Norris, it was Max Biaggi who took both ends of the Monza World SBK double header.

Max Biaggi won both World Superbike races Sunday at Monza, not Valentino Rossi. Rossi is a seven-time World Champion in the MotoGP class, the premier level of worldwide motorcycle racing. Biaggi used to race in MotoGP and was an archrival of Rossi's. Glad to see you recognize bikes, Norris. Thanks!

Ferrari-Marlboro: be nice if they went back to painting the cars scarlet, instead of the orangey Marlboro-red they changed to when Phillip Morris came on board;

Fox F1 coverage: Only Speed's live broadcasts have been blacked out, the Euro races on Fox are tape delayed.

Robert Wickens: great news, and thank you Norris, this is one of the few places the only place in the entire country reporting on his progress.

Motorcycle racing in Spain has always been more popular than F1 until recent times with Alonso making his way up as an elite F1 driver so reading that statement that MotoGP draws more fans at a race was no surprise. Spain is a motorcycle fanatic's holy grail.

Norris, you need to remember the lesson of the Heidi game.

That was a rather bush-league move by Fox. It reminds me of the time that NBC dropped NHL OT coverage because a lengthy game was intruding on the start of their Kentucky Derby coverage (not the race itself, mind you).

You stay with the even you're showing until it's finished. If that inconveniences the follow-up event, too bad. Surely an interminable NASCAR race (with a half dozen green-white-checkers finishes) will return the favour at some point.

Norris, what you saw at Monza as not the MotoGP World Championship, but World Superbike Championship. They are two very different championships, with MotoGP being prototype bikes and Superbike being production-based. (F1 vs. ALMS)

And MotoGP does not outdraw F1 in many places, and it certainly isn't doing that at China. That country is lousy for all motorsports. (MotoGP is no longer even going to China because attendance was so bad.)

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