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Tagliani showed once again that he's a good qualifier but not so good as a racer. Signs of maturity in Danica Patrick, though. Amazing what you can do, even with a less-than-perfect car, when you cut the crap and concentrate on driving it. But I still don't see her in the winner's circle any time soon.

Schumacher, on the other hand, is looking more and more like a winner. I wish there had been more commercials in yesterday's F1 race -- it might have made it more interesting up until the Vettel-Webber incident.

The blame for the incident of the RBR team is self-evident, except to Vettel and owners of the team. It is also very evident that Vettel is the chosen one at RBR even though he makes more mistakes than he should. Many say that he was quicker than Webber, but who had the better lap times? The same goes at Ferrari. They had an uneventful race, but mention was made how brilliantly Alonso made up four places in the race! Enough said for F-1 and why fans are turning away from the sport.

Norris, I agree with you about the commercials destroying the Indy telecast. Even hard core fans are fed up with this. It seemed that the side-by-side gives them extra motivation to put on even more commercials.
During the Formula 1 race I noticed that the TSN director tried hard this time to break into commercials when there was less chance for something happening. It is still a joke though since BBC does not break to commercials so the commentary was ongoing.

The crash fault was more the team race strategists' fault and Webber's fault. Yes, Vettel appeared to swerve, but Webber hugged the inside line while in fuel-saving mode, and the team failed to communicate to him that Vettel was faster on that lap, having more fuel, and was under pressure from McLaren.
Webber's reputation is that he would rather create a crash than let someone by.
Truly, we are not privy to the full story at Red Bull.

Hunter-Reay ran out of gas and if you recall Conway had led at one point towards the race's end and came in for fuel so he was good to go to the end. No doubt he was hustling to grab a few spots as other cars would start to fizzle out. Unfortunately, it became very dangerous very quickly.

I think ABC's usual telecast for the Indy 500 was even more juvenile at the beginning than usual and as much as Fox and NASCAR sometimes head that way, for the most part they run a much better show. And in another life, if I ever become a stick up artist, I'm hiring Graham Rahal to be my getaway driver. He could block half the cops chasing us. A drive through penalty was a light penalty for his (numerous) racing stunts. Rahal could learn by observing a classy racer such as Dario Franchitti.

As for F1. Hamilton should've been leading that race prior to the Vettel/Webber mini-fiasco. If Vettel had no qualms about going after Webber, Hamilton had the car to take it to Webber mid-race. And kudos to the old man of F1, Mike Schumacher for showing people that he still has some of his extraordinary abilities and in this day and age of instant expectations rather than patience, Schuey is starting to show his comeback was not a mistake. He'll make the podium in Montreal. Just watch

For the first time since last season, I watched an entire Grand Prix on my PVR without fast-forwarding during any racing. It felt like 2008-2009, with several cars nose-to-tail and lots of passing. Sure the top 4 definitely broke away in the second half, but all four of them stayed close right to the very end... And Jenson is proving he's ever bit the racer Hamilton is--great duel at the end!

To me one of the most telling moments was David COultard's comments that the best chance for Hamilton to pass Weber was to make a lap after Weber pitted, extend the gap and have a quick pit stop. That should give Hamilton the lead. Don't pass on the track, pass in the pits. There is why F-1 is losing out.

I think the Turkish GP has been so far the best indicator of the pecking order among the teams this year.

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