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The two seater taking part in the start of the 500 sounds gimmicky at best, downright frightening at worst. Just a dumb idea in my view.

In addition to his incessant tweets, PT also posts regularly at Track Forum, http://www.trackforum.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3, under the handle "paultracy3".

Yes, I can attest that Austin in the summer time is very warm. There were 100F plus temperatures 60 days in a row last year. My sister and brother in law just moved from there a month ago. But I can also see why Austin was chosen. Austin has the reputation of being bohemian city by Texas standards.

Most Texans will tell you that Austin is 'not the real Texas' and there is some validity to that. But it also has a rich tradition of music, great bars (ask my brother in law), food, technology and a huge university as well as being the state capitol. As Austin is more or less centered between Houston (massive town), Dallas and San Antonio, there is a ready population to service the Grand Prix but where I think Ecclestone and Co. were really aiming was Silicon Valley?

Follow me here.

Austin and Silicon Valley are connected at the hip by computers and high tech workers. There are loads of displaced Californians who relocated to Austin and the Nerd Bird does daily flights from San Jose and SF to Austin and back. With Google and Yahoo types showing increasing interest in F1 (and having a GP in Northern California near impossible due to environmental reasons) Austin is that compromise.

Stay tuned. Should be interesting. Maybe Mansell can come back too and re-create his Oscar winning performance by pushing a golf cart.

Coming to Canada with an expired passport!! What planet has PT been on..LOL I really think it's time for PT to retire...
He's making an ass of himself!!

A two-seater at the back of the pack for the start of Indy...WOW...That's SCARY!! Too many things COULD go wrong!!

For his sake, Tracy should indeed do TV commentary.
There are many examples of active coaches in the NBA and the NHL who do TV work between contracts. That keeps them in the view and hence consideration.

Personally, I think Tracy should retire from Indycars. He is washed up. He would save himself further embarrassment by not sitting in an indycar ever again.

Maybe that Wickens or Hitchman kid could get Tracy's ( gee Paul it look's like you have the Flu :))ride at Toronto Indy? As for the 2 seater at the back for the 1st. lap...the video reply from that angle could be good!!!

Perhaps it is time to put Tracy in the 2 seater with a 3D camera
guy for all the races!!!!

Urgent passport service $70 + normal passport fee ($85?), 24 hour service. Google it before crying about it.

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