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European GP:
Enough of Charlie Whiting as F1 Race Director!! He should be fired immediately!! The FIA Steawrds should be ashamed of themselves too!!
Too many shenanigans and incompetence from the officials in F1 lately.

As for Mark Webber, he just got what he deserved. If I were a team owner I would not get near the guy! He is bad carma. His expertise is how to crash.

It wasn't Singapore, but this very same Valencia track where Flavio Briatore, Nelson Piquet Jr. and other Renault team members conspired to alter the race for Alonso's benefit.

The Lotus driver was most definitely not in the wrong and not blocking. Webber came up behind him, stuck to his gearbox like glue (I suppose to get the best tow possible), and never committed to an inside OR outside line. Rule #1 of passing under a brakind zone: pull alongside, under braking, before the apex, not BEHIND the other driver under braking.

This is especially stupid on Webber's part since he knows the Lotus probably brakes a good 50ft before he does.

It's kind of like watching those LMS-type races where you see LMP-class cars being held up by GT-class cars. It is very unfortunate for Webber, but this was for position and I don't think there should be any freebies.

Webber was awfully close, and could have gone around the outside of Kovalainen; once the Lotus moved towards the outside, Webber could have gone up the inside since there was enough room. Considering how early the Lotus braked, it would have been simple for the superior Red Bull to brake later and make a pass (although I don't think that was the ideal line, either).

Oh well, everyone knows **** happens in racing. They'll move on.

I don't know that you can hold Alonso responsible for the Briatore-Piquet fiasco as it was determined he wasn't in on the plot. Also, while that was a team thing the circumstances in this Sunday's race are not the same. To compare them both is to compare apples with oranges. Having said that, F1 needs to get its act together. A drive through for Lewis for passing the safety car is a travesty.

Really informative blog and are going to help F1 Club fans.

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