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Great idea. I see the teams maybe balking. I know they like to practice at similar time of day as race so they can prepare the cars for those conditions (vs later in the day, when the track is different)

A late Friday start is brilliant for sure. And I would also like to see a slightly later Saturday start as well. After all, you can't camp or motorhome in Toronto (because that would be too Liberal ie; anti-anal)so your you really have to wake up early if your coming from outside the GTA and Saturday transport links are not re-aligned with Indy. (unlike the 10 AM drinking change for soccer fans...nicely done boys in the back room!)

For almost 10 years my Corner 2 racing group used to camp and motorhome at the Ontario Place parking lot (The Corner 2 Yacht Club) but they eventually shut us down when they learned that we were having more fun than was allowed outside of Quebec and the USA ie; Ontario.

I love the idea of FREE FRIDAYS, ......but Dear God, what if that accidentally leads to too much fun????

What's next, (dare I say it?) bring your own beer?

Certainly support our Indy, but for a world class racing experience, go to Mosport and help celebrate our 50th this season. They don't shake you down. It's like your not even in Ontario, no kidding.

Maybe they should move the race back to Mosport, i mean the whole Toronto street race thing is so boring,an the cost is off the map...even with the free Friday ,crown is going to be lower then what mospit could pull.

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