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First of all you have it all messed up. They have a driver meeting before ever y race. In the meeting the morning of the race Barnhart discussed blocking .
“You have plenty of options on where to put your car and we should not have any defending or blocking,” he said in the closed-door meeting. “Again, we will be visually dividing the braking point through the entry into the corner in half. You can only be on the inside half if you are attempting to pass someone. If you are on the inside half because you are under attack from someone else, it is blocking. Don’t move your car in reaction to a following car and don’t impede the progress of a car with a run on you.”
Here is the rule.
Rule 9.3 (B) A driver must not alter his/her racing line based on the actions of pursuing Drivers or use an abnormal racing line to inhibit or prevent passing. Blocking will result in a minimum of a black flag “drive through” penalty.
Now clearly if you watch the video of the race then you will see that Helio Castroneves took the inside half of the track which would be considerd using an abnormal racing line to inhibit or prevent passing.
Now another thing you seem to have Messed up is the fact that Will Power never said that Helio Castroneves deserved the penelty. Here is what he said.
“Helio had the inside line,” Power said. “I tried to go around the outside, sort of got pushed wide, and Scott got through. I would say a black flag is a pretty harsh penalty, but it is what it is. It was just one of those racing things. When you’re leading on the last restart you want to keep the lead.”
Now all of this can be found at www.Indycar.com
Here is a video to explain it. http://www.youtube.com/indycarseries#p/u/2/1e-J6LWropo

Was Hockenheim an exciting race, or what? I was glued to my rocker the whole time. Had my alarm clock set every 10 minutes. The highlight of the race was the breathtaking pass by Alonso on Massa coming out of the hairpin...be still my heart! And the petty cash fine for Ferrari? Don't think for a moment that Sr. Domenicali wasn't aware of what his small minded tactic would bring...a laughable financial penalty and no loss of points for Alonso in the Driver's championship or Ferrari in the Constructors championship. The fact that it would give Formula One another black eye was never figured in his equation.

Norris, I agree about your comments regarding Brian Barnhard, IRL officiating at Edmonton and the comments from the top three drivers on the podium.
That was the worst race director call in a long time!
Dixon, Power and Franchitti: shame on those guys. They did a lot of damage with their gutless position. They only had to think if they were in the place of Castroneves what would they have had thought!

I agree also about Milka Duno should not have been embarrassed this very public way. Probation for the rest of the season?? They all know exactly what she is (not) capable for, as are the fans. No need for this theatre. They can quetly revoke her licence.

Ferrari had all the right - rules or no rules - to direct the drivers, who are its employees the way it pleased the company best. They are compensated with enough money. They did not rig the race. Alonso was clearly faster. I hate the FIA pretending that sometimes F1 should be a sport, sometimes a business. What the hell is it??
It made me angry when the drivers were interrogated by stupid journalists after the race looking for victim and fraud. Why is this a crime when a teammate lets by another? I don't get this.

Maybe it was just me, but I couldn't find the pre-Grand Prix podcast this past weekend.

Since Will Power said "it is what it is", he agrees that Castroneves was blocking.
I don't.
If Barnhart said in the drivers meeting what he said, he should be removed from Race Director position. It is not his job to 'drive' the cars. It does not mean that his rules are correct and most drivers/teams agree with.
His 'probation' rule regarding Duno is evidence that he is no longer up to it. (He used to be, now he is not.)

Perhaps Barnhart wanted to enforce oval-racing driving etiquette and apply it on road course. Does not always work. The rules are sometimes not compatible. CART/IRL/Indycar racing have been struggling with these differences for ages.

More than half full? Promoters would kill for that number? Um. Okay, Norris.

If the Brickyard is considered one of the top 3 races in NASCAR, then they have a huge problem. It means that its acceptable if 33 of the other 35 races besides the Brickyard 400 are less than half full which is probably likely. Reason being? Because at one time that race was a complete sell out and if that race has marginal attendance (and it did) then there's a huge heap of trouble on the horizon.

There seems to be a laundry list of things they could do to fix that sport and one idea is so simple its laughable. Shorten the seasonal death march by at least 4 races. (others would say at least 10 races). No one will miss them. And no one will miss them because everyone is watching football anyhow.

A lot of the core fanbase has left the sport because the whole thing is contrived. I know Brian France is talking up changing The Chase and the usual suspects are saying if its not broke, don't fix it but then again the folks in Detroit who ran their local car companies were mouthing the same things and look what happened there. The party is almost over concerning NASCAR and the empty spots at Indy were a telling sign.

Team orders are not new,Massa should have just run a little wide at turn one. Nascar was the best race of the weekend,to bad JPM's pit crew lost the plot. Is there some sort of history between you an JV? As for Milka,well it's not like we are going to start watching because she may not be back next year.

Personally I have to agree with Norris comments in regards with the stewards decisions.

Castroneves apologized for his emotional behavior after the race, but black flagged it is unfair.
Mika Duno is too slow?...so let’s put on ‘probation’ Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen which are part of the back runners in F1, or we should send ‘the stewards and complainers’ to watch some ALMS to see how to pass a slower car…

As for the F1 race in Germany and again Ferrari ‘dirty maneuvers’, with a spoiled Alonso and a quiet Massa it is embarrassing for the sport and for the FIA especially now when they have a rule in place after Austria incident.

I haven’t seen any attacks or pressure from Alonso on Massa during the first 47 laps, and suddenly…."Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message?" .this is totally ridiculous encrypted message.

Alonso was in Massa's dirty air for a good part of the race.
Massa was impeding Alonso and risking an overheating situation for the engine and systems in Alonso's car, while Vettel breathing down Alonso's neck who was also faster than Massa.
Ferrari had all the reasons to request the drivers to change positions. The 'rule' is a joke and interferes with the teams' race management.

I don't have a problem with team orders in general, but I do have problems with orders that interfere with race results. If somebody thinks it's okay for Ferrari to order Massa to allow Alonso to pass, what about the following scenario: what if Alonso had been winning, Massa close behind in 2nd, with Vettel quickly catching up in 3rd and Ferrari has ordered Massa to fallback and create 'traffic' that would slow down Vettel and widen the gap between 1st and 3rd. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of circuits where it's fairly easy to block without actually blocking if you're willing to risk your position (just look at the way the slow cars in the back of the pack really slowed down Massa making it much easier for Alonso to close that 3+ second gap between them). The last thing I want to see is teams using their 2nd driver as a blocker to slow up the competition. And that's exactly what would happen the minute it became okay to give a driver the order to stop racing for position. Besides, while there may have been some diehard Ferrari fans who were happy with the results in Germany, I suspect that most F1 fans, including a lot of Ferrari fans were less than impressed. That kind of nonsense hurts the sport.

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