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Norris, a few racers did bite the hand that fed them although it was in NASCAR not IRL. When I saw the report earlier this week I guessed Denny Hamlin and Dale Jr. I was right on Hamlin but incorrect on the latter as it was Ryan Newman. Not sure what Newman had said in the past but I do recall Hamlin saying that NASCAR likes to throw imaginary yellow flags towards the end of the race. (ie: they took a win away from me).

Two arguments can be made.

Its NASCAR and they've always done that and if Hamlin doesn't like it either deal with it or go do something else. The other argument is that it reinforces the WWE image that NASCAR is loathe to be compared with. Playing King Solomon I'd tone it down if I'm Mike Helton and Co. as I think there is validity to what Hamlin stated, but I would not completely abandon the practice as sometimes it does make for exciting racing. I'm sure not all would agree but so be it.

More people have watched Helio Castroneves post-race outburst on you tube,then the race it self...should be more watching Mid-Ohio race...if they can find it on the TV dial.

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