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Barnhart did something worse than take a win away from Helio Castroneves. He took a win away from Roger Penske and you don't piss off The Captain. If Will Power had been the direct beneficiary of that call (ie: Power wins the race) then it's one thing in the Penske camp but Team Ganassi and Scott Dixon were the lucky recipients. That wont' sit well.

Prediction, after the season's over Barnhart will be replaced.

If the Barnhart-rule is applied at Corner 3, effectively every car that wants to pass and puts its nose inside the other in front of him, gets a free pass-through without working for the pass.
It would mean the end of racing (it was as of Edmonton).
There would be zero incident at Corner 3 and the grandstand would sit empty.

Brian Barnhart has worked effectively regarding the safety of the IRL and stopping the carnage on the ovals. I liked what he did there.
But Brian Barnhart has no clue about road racing.
He must let go immediately from his race control position!
(And, CharLIE Whiting also must go immediately in Formula 1! That series is another piece of disaster.)

Visit the Forums at indycar.com and you can see the magnitude of the furor over this. Fans don't like their intelligence to be insulted the way the Indycar officials did.

The most ridiculous interpretaion of BLOCKING, that I have ever
heard of. Another nail in the IRL coffin!

Brian Barnhart wants to be a parade marshal, not a race steward.

He has no concept of racing or what draws people to open-wheel racing. He needs to be re-assigned or given his walking papers IMMEDIATELY before he ruins another race, and drives hordes of fans away from the sport -- or at least what used to be a sport before Barnhart got his hands on it.

I like the comparison some call the Barnhart blocking rule same as slot-car racing. Contrary to Barnhart's belief however, that is not what the fans want to see.
Barnhart's other argument for his rule is "saving money" by reducing potential crash damage as a result of the blocking moves. Well, if Indycar racing wants to save money this way, they should fold the class because they are obviously having a much bigger problem budget-wise. The IRL teams perhaps should look at participating in the Formula Ford category instead.

I had reviewed the Toronto Indy race again, and there were at least 10 instances/battles where the leading car on the straight approaching a corner took the "unnatural" inside lane. To Barnhart's definition they were blocking too, but no black flag was issued to any of them.
Commentators Reid and Goodyear even mentioned this rule being talked about at the drivers meeting to be applied at Corner 3. I though it was a Toronto-special rule.
Even if the rule is a rule, Barnhart must be fired for inconsistent and selective application!
The fans are left in the dark about any of the IRL rules, by the way. Why?

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