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Alonso, Silverstone 2010: cut corner to avoid collision, did not hand back position, the other guy retired, yet Alonso still received a drive through penalty.

He probably wasn't complaining too loud, recalling his former teammate's experience

Hamilton, Spa 2008: cut corner to avoid collision, DID hand back position, the other guy crashed out, yet Hamilton still received a time penalty.

Did you do a pre-GP podcast with Gerry D last week?

A story that went unnoticed was the fine performance of Nico Rosberg. With that, has anyone noticed that Michael Schumacher is fast becoming the Sebastian Bourdais of Formula 1? Let's start the rumors and suggest that Kimi R. would look better in that Mercedes next year than Herr Schumacher regardless of Schumacher's 3 year contract.

So Mark Webber re-signed with Red Bull. With his outburst yesterday he was daring RB to toss him out. Yeah, he suffered for years getting the RB team up to speed but he can (and probably will) be replaced. And no, it won't be Kimi R. in that seat although he'd be a great choice as he's emotional as a plywood board.

Have to agree on Martin Brundle. I grew up a fan of his and was even in Detroit when he drove his Tyrrell to 2nd place in '84 behind Piquet Sr. but he has grown arrogant over the years in his commentary perch.

"The stewards . . . always make the decision they think is the right one," he said, adding: "(the penalty) is always fair."

Do you think this was not meant to be a sarcastic remark from Alonso? Everybody sees that the opposite is true. (It is like commenting on soccer referees.)

The most shocking story at the British GP was the poor showing from Ferrari. For all kinds of reasons they - again - managed to screw up a race with good cars.

Re Alonso being forced off the track and the argument about whether he should cede the place and try to pass again. I seem to remember that Alonso forced Hamilton off the track (when Hamilton was alongside him) at Spa. Hamilton passed him and then ceded the place. He then overtook him on the run to La Source. Alonso then went on to crash out .... Hamilton got the penalty post race. This lost him valuable points. Whether right or wrong, at least the stewards were consistant.


The #3 was run by Richard Childress before he had Earnhardt use it. Austin Dillon is his grandson. It may be associated with Earnhardt, but anyone related to Childress has a right to try it on for size. Bass Pro Shops has a long relationship with RCR, and most of their paint schemes are predominantly black. The number has not been used by anyone other than Dillon and Earnhardt Jr. Putting it on a car (or truck in this case) and winning races with IS moving on.

Webber is one of those rare drivers that can WIN and speak his mind. Good on yah mate!

What has me dumbfounded is; RB races to generate publicity to sell their product. Why can't someone at RB step back, take their head out of the narrow, short-sighted sewer they all seem to have their heads in and think...hey, we have a great opportunity for good PR and SALES with all of this Mark Webber sentiment!!! They are throwing away a great opportunity & they will not be shed of the shadow they are creating in the next decade if they do not suddenly have a collective 'Come to Jesus' moment and wake-up & turn themselves around. Their collective, short-sighted, narrow-mindedness is shocking, only surpassed by the length of it still continuing! These are suppose to be 'savvy' folks.


RB was and is a nothing team and only owe their success to the employment of Adrian Newey and his associates being in the Red Bull work stream. His track record is for real and dates back to Bobby Rahal's victory in 1986 at the Indy 500! The rest of the whole group including Webber, Vettel, Marko et al are prima donnas who happen to have careers that cross with Newey's.

Same as Rory Byrne calling it a day at Ferrari (and Schumacher benefitting from his time there), the real stars in F1 are the designers and engineers. Always have been. Always will be.

Not a word about flying carbon fiber,until some one gets hurt..."the real stars in F1 are the designers and engineers"...the aero package is so good ,fast drivers can't pass slower drivers...it makes watching old super 8's of Brian Stewart in a Lotus 61,more fun to watch.

When Red Bull moved the new and improved wing from Webber's car to Vettel's they made a very public statement about how they felt about Webber. This after the senior management at Red Bull publicly blamed Webber for running into Vettel in Turkey. Regardless of whether Webber really was responsible, RB should never have publicly criticize one of their drivers (or any member of their team) that way. They should have said it was a matter to be handled internally and then handled it internally.

If RB management are going to make public statements about their driver's performance, and publicly show preference for one driver over another (especially when it's only half way through the season and neither driver is clearly dominating in the points), then they shouldn't be surprised when the drivers start making public statements of their own. Especially if that driver feels they have been publicly mistreated, and most especially if they've been promised by management that they weren't going be treated as a 2nd string driver.

Frankly I think RB have just shot themselves in the foot. In every race where they've held the front row at the start of the race, Vettel has been very aggressive about shutting the door on Webber in the first turn (as he tried to do again in Britain), and up until Silverstone it's seemed pretty obvious that Webber had chosen discretion as the better part of valour and done whatever was necessary to keep both cars in the lead, even if this meant giving up the lead to Vettel. In this last race, he refused to yield, and Vettel ended up going off the track. I think that from now on you can expect that Webber will refuse to yield to Vettel, and if that results in another crash, I don't think Mark will be too put out. RB have proven they don't care about Mark, so why should he put the team ahead of his own interests.

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