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Norris, my assessment of the Indy race was a little different, and biased, of course. Some of the lesser drivers in the series (about 50%) need the operation that connects their foot to their brains. Throughout my racing career, I witnessed many a dumb move. The Indy was deja vu (all over again) for me. They looked like a bunch of new Formula Ford drivers. Along with the operation, the Stewards need to revoke some licenses. Start them again in Karts to see if they can learn it the right way. And as for Patrick - didn't see her make a significant pass all day. She sat in the queue and let all the idiots ahead of her remove themselves from the game. The race was certainly no advertisement for next year.
Ken Chevis

I go to the Montreal every year but gave up on the Toronto Indy years ago, even though I live near Toronto. One of my pet peeves with this race are the large speaker spaced every few feet along the grandstands, which are great during the race, but become a real annoyance between sessions when you want to talk to the people beside you. The speakers never stop blaring, usually with some "President of Marketing" of a sponsor corporation talking about their great (usually non-automotive) products and client base. I finally got sick of the non-stop commercial atmosphere at the Indy started staying away.

Marketing: Ovet the last few weeks the Indy of Edmonton got a lot more exposure on TV in Ontario than the Toronto Indy.

Husbands asking approval from Wife in ALL financial matters (even buying chewing gum): It is the sad norm today. Where has society gone?

Toronto Indy always been a crash fest - nothing new this year.

Free Friday was nice, but by Friday afternoon the best general admission spots at the fence have been covered up with banners, rendering GA useless for the rest of the weekend, hence not worth coming.
A lot of the track lenght is still not accessible to the paying spectator, only cameras and workers. There is work to be done in that area.
I tried all the grandstands on Friday, neither worth a penny, except maybe Corner 3.

If it was a NASCAR race the bleachers would have been full.

There WAS a NASCAR race at the Indy on Saturday - but the bleachers were not full...

Count me a cynic perhaps but the decision to leave Paul Tracy on track during the first pace-car period gave the crowd, probably quite uninformed, a great chance to cheer for the leading Canadian. The commenntators played this up beautifully forecasting, incorrectly, that this would allow him to win the race. All a bit artificial in my book.
The TV coverage, an all American production, was pretty poor.
I kept jumping to the GrandAM race in N Jersey where Mark Wilkins was putting on a great display.

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