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Norris, the biggest issue that requires mention about the Indycar race at WGI was the lack of spectators. I mean, the place looked dead empty. Deader than the Grand-Am weekend! Okay, I did not go either, but that would have made it +1 person. This appears to be a serious problem. Sunny weather, July 4th, good racing, what else people need to come out? (Money and jobs??)
It was a sad sight.

How about a couple of American and Canadian drivers who have the talent to run at the front.


How about a mention of the other races that are scheduled at the Honda Indy of Toronto. Namely the World Challenge Series ... some of the best sports car racing on the planet. Ron Fellows won the race Saturday at Watkins Glen.

You have a note on Nick Wittmer winning the Canadian Touring Car races in Montreal ... how about a mention of his brother Kuno Wittmer, 2nd in the World Challenge GT driver standings.

The World Challenge race is one of the highlights of the Saturday schedule in Toronto. It would be nice to mention that.


"How about a couple of American and Canadian drivers who have the talent to run at the front."
The American sponsors must also show up and back american drivers. (At least Hunter-Reay got something to complete the season)The whole broadcast was an Apex Brazil commercial. I learned more about what the Brazilian ethanol industry is doing than anything else. It was sad state of affairs on this July 4th weekend.

I tuned into TSN last Saturday night to watch the start of the Coke Zero 400 and unfortunately there was enough rain falling just before race time that the start was delayed.

While the commentators went on and on they showed the jet dryers at work on the track and then it occurred to me; a perfect vehicle for Milka Duno to switch to a NASCAR drive and still be involved in racing. Hell, they're just as fast if not faster than her.

(but don't any of you pick on my Danica....)

Actually Danica is pretty effective lately in defending her status as Numero 1. among female Indycar drivers.
When Simona crashed into the guradrail I noticed it was Danica right behind her, I thought she pressed Simona into the mistake.
Simona was also on cold tires having just coming out of the pits.

I am with Simona though, she is much more affable and genuine compared to Danica.

They better hope for more spectators at the Honda Indy...looks like a lot of free ticket give aways

Friday is free admission. I will be there. Raceday: TV at home.

Why bother,it's sedan racing and the open wheel stuff is just plain boring on a street track.

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