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During his peak, Schumacher was dangerous. Now that he is on the other side of the talent curve and heading down, he is homicidal. There is nothing worse than a has-been driver trying to regain past glories. I have been in the middle of on-track situations where open wheel cars have touched. The result is not pretty. Barichello could have died. Schumacher....go home to your farm.

The two stories for me at the start of the F1 season were to be Jenson Button's switch from Mercedes (Brawn) to McLaren and Michael Schumacher's comeback with Mercedes. I figured Lewis Hamilton would blow the doors off Button and he'd pull an Alonso on Button but truth be told Jenson has worked out better than I thought. I also thought Schumacher would take 3 or 4 races to get back to tip top form and he himself would be teaching Nico Rosberg a lesson or two. I was wrong. And I will go so far as to say the comeback should end very soon if I were making decisions at Mercedes.

It's one thing to be arrogant and finish first but its another to be arrogant and be a consistent top 10 racer only if you're consistently #10 every race. This junior karting BS he pulled on Barichello was pretty much the end of it for me. I wonder if somehow Mercedes can get Webber or Massa on that team for next year as they would surely do a better job? I know both are signed with their current teams for the following season but contracts are pretty rubbery in the world of F1.

Well the Milka Duno Award goes to Schumacher...safety car for a wing end plate ,that a track worker picked up before the safety car was on the track? It's 4 weeks until spa,and only one on track testing day until then,subcontractors will be working hard on Flex wings.

I lost a lot of respect for Red Bull after they publicly blamed Webber for the crash with Vettel in Turkey, and then gave Webber's wing to Vettel in Britain. Not because I'm a big fan of Webber, but because I thought RBR management were acting like jerks. But even though I think they're jerks, I doubt there were any team orders to Vettel to back up the pack. Had there been such an order it would have had to go out over the radio, and those communications are now public. Keeping that kind of an order secret would involve a conspiracy of a large number of people outside of Red Bull Racing. And after the obvious team order from Ferrari last week, you can be sure that the race stewards, that have access to all the radio communications, would have hit Red Bull with a fine the same as Ferrari. I'm pretty sure that the radio comment to Vettel at that end of the race was because they were worried Vettel, who was obviously pissed off, would say something negative about the stewards that would result in an 'un-sportsmanship penalty' of some sort.

As for Schumacher it seems to me like he got off easy. That was one of the scariest moves I've seen in F1 in recent years. Not only did Schumacher almost push Barrichello into the pit wall, he did push him into the pit exit lane. Imagine what would have happened had somebody been coming out of the pits at that moment. The fact of the matter is that a 10 place grid penalty is nothing for him given how badly his season is going already; like I said, he got off easy.

The sprint car racing at Ohsweken Speedway, over the weekend was great. And the level of competition at that track is always ferocious! If you are looking for huge car counts and an amazing three days of racing.... take in The Canadian Sprint Car Nationals, in September at Ohsweken Speedway. My son and I have been going for the last 4 years, and the race will draw for 60 to 100 of the best 360 Sprint cars from all parts of Canada and the US.

The rule to maintain a max. of 10 car length in front of the car ahead while under safety car, exists exactly to prevent holding up shenanigans - whether or not ordered by the team. So, it is not such a great discovery if the Red Bull team wanted to make its drivers collaborate to the expense of the rest of the field. Vettel had to pay for it.

What Schumacher did on Barrichello was dirty. I was a big Schumacher fan back in 1992-93 when he was a breath of fresh air, but he is by now well past of that era and now keep losing his remaining and decreasing fanbase.

Speaking of Jacques Villeneuve, he will surely provide his 2 cents about the Schumacher blocking incident to the media. (Jack should also retire ASAP before losing all dignity. Oh wait... he is applying for F1 team berth.)

Please do not blame Kurt Busch. The reporter's questions were stupid. The drivers are under gag order from NASCAR not to badmouth any aspect of the series. His replies were tongue-in-cheek.

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