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Hate to nit-pick, in an article full of driver's name and their place of birth....But I am pretty sure Simon Pagenaud, who speaks with a pretty thick French accent...is not an Indianapolis native...


When they say that so-and-so is from Indianapolis, it refers to his current residence, not where he was born.

Norris, you briefly mentioned Brundle...and the red flag was waved. I am really getting fed up with Brundle's love affair with Schumacher. During Qualifying on Saturday, Brundle pontificated that it was the Mercedes that was letting Schumacher down, not his loss of talent. Interesting in that, when Schumacher was at his peak, he was always held up as an example of a driver who could get the most out of his car, even if he had to pick it up and carry it on his back. Witness the race several years ago where he was locked in 5th gear and still won. It's time Brundle took off his Schumacher-tinted glasses. Schumy (God, I hate that), is over the hill. Brundle and Schumacher. Shortened, is BS. Sounds about right.

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