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Norris, you have not commented on the new Budweiser and Kasey Kahne deals yet!

The attendance record has to go hand in hand with the TV ratings.
The reliability of both is still in need of improvement.
It is less compelling to visit the racetracks when the race is shown in HD on a large flat screen TV.

Papis is a part-time driver, same as Tracy. GEICO's position is puzzling, for they are willing to be part of half-hearted racing efforts across the board in every category.
Papis however landed a Truck series deal for next year.

Also notable news that I heard is that Shell/Pennzoil will sponsor Penske's Indycar team(s), not just his NASCAR entry.

I see some of the observations I've made in past comments(http://thestar.blogs.com/autoracing/2010/07/bad-call-no-call-dominate-auto-racing-results.html) and the VERY poor decision by the IRL committee with regards to their 2012 race car of the future are shared by some people with very serious creds.

NASCAR peaking in popularity and attendance was like a snapshot in time and many of the fans they attracted for that peak have moved onto other things. NASCAR in all probability is not doing a whole lot wrong other than being slow to address the look of today's COT but its still a regional sport same as hockey. I know people will disagree with me but hey, its what this comment section is all about

The Indy thing begs a bigger question. Is a whole new series along with a whole new car design that promotes technology and the environment something that could re-shape modern racing? Rest assured it will happen as the public will demand a change in thinking to make motor racing relevant. As for the IRL, they can change body moldings and aero shapes all they want but if no new engine maker joins Indy then they've accomplished nothing. As I stated a few blogs ago, someone like Penske will lead the charge and the others will 'benchmark' their package and the end product will have all cars looking the same. It's happened in F1 and in NASCAR already.

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