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A jerk who is regularly winning, is a winner. A jerk who regularly in the middle of the pack is just a jerk.

Michael Schumacher is a smart guy. He knows that his place on the Mercedes team, and the amount of money he can make outside of the cockpit depends at least as much on his performance off the track as on. This year he has been working hard to make a good impression with the media and F1 fans (not just his fans, but all F1 fans). A likable Michael is money in the bank for Mercedes and for Michael himself (sponsorship. commercial deals, etc.). But a Michael who isn't winning and isn't well liked won't make a good spokesperson for Mercedes and won't make as much money for himself.

Michael apologized, after the fact, because as far as business is concerned it was the smart thing to do. But his reactions immediately after the race are probably a better barometer of his real opinions and feelings.

I agree Michael shouldn't of say sorry to Rubens, but you Rubens he is a big girl's blouse always whinning and whinging.I do not think he will become World Champion if he keeps on groaning like a old man, Michael is supreme compared to Rubens.I have supported/followed schumi since 1991 and i will remain so forever no matter what the media and other say cruel things about schumi.

Yesterday on the FAN590 Erik Thomas said that Schumacher -he thinks- did not see Barrichello in the mirror!! What a moronic journalist (?) can say that, when Schumacher was clearly watching Barrichello in the mirror all the way to the wall!

Ha! My 11-year old can deliver a more sincere apology. He only apologized for giving Rubens the impression that he wanted to kill him. Schumacher's intent was clear: back off or crash hard. Another inch or two and it would have been disaster. Should Rubens have expected this tactic? Maybe...but that's victim blaming. Schumacher simply doesn't respect the life and limb of his competitors, and doesn't comprehend notions of fair play and honour. Never has. Never will.

Schumacher is the grand prix version of 3 strikes (Hill, Villeneuve and Barrichello) and yer out. Reading another site, they needed to have clear video evidence of the flagrancy and agreement from all 4 stewards of Schumacher's erratic driving to throw a black flag but time ran out. Either that or F1 could hire Brian Barnhart, but I digress...

Anyhow, I see Ross Brawn is protecting his driver (but also screwing him over smoothly and Nico Rosberg less so) by stating that Michael did not adapt to the front Bridgestone tires and that with Pirelli coming in next year, things would be different. Did he forget he has another driver on the team who has done a very effective driving job this year with little fanfare? Basically, Brawn punted and the racing season is over for Mercedes and Rosberg.

Only thing worse is that Flavio Briatore is now making noises again. F1 does not need him at all but being a FOB is like a ticket back into the big leagues.

It was probably for his comments on Top Gear a few weeks ago, when Rubens was asked about being the lap dog for all those years.

The same trick and style sent Aryton Senna to heaven, but also legend of F1

Yes that move was very reminsiscent of Senna squeezing Prost against the wall in Portugal. However if you watch the video carefully Schumacher is already moving towards the wall when Barrichello dived down the inside to make the pass. So it is not like Barrichello had no choice in the matter. Barrichello also claims to see Schumacher in the video lining up on Barrichello's tire rather than watching the road, which sees like a buch of whooey to me. While Baarrichello has always seemed like a talented driver and a nice guy, he seems to spend an awful lot of time whining about the unfairness of Formula One - duh!

As for Schumacher's apology, in the past he has stubbornly refused to apologize in the most trying of circumstances, and maybe even rightfully so. But Michael has also learned a thing or two over the years, and it is not like he is any position to be particularly arrogant. He now knows that, as much as a public apology is an insult to what he considers his own integrity when he feels he is in the right, that a public apology also gets people off his back and lets him carry on with his job. So issuing a meaningless phrase or two for some peace and a chance to move on is a small price to pay, in his older and perhaps wiser eyes.

Schumacher will have a big shunt before the season is over.
Hopefully he wont kill another driver in the process.


The Rules are as follow:-
You sincerely believe that no other formula 1 driver has ever made a mistake.This covers lies,cheating,dodgy manouveres,etc.,etc.,
You call MSC everything vile you can and plaster it all over the internet.

You tell all the readers that you personally HATE Michael Schumacher.(Remmeber the time he beat you up in a dark alley?)

Then you ask the 3 Judges who is the current day winner(there are 7 prizes per week)

The Judges are 1..DAVID COULTHARD (Known for causing all the mayhem on the track possible from so many bad starts in his F1 career,and nearly killing Michael Schumacher on a rainy day)
Judge 2. Eddie Jordan.Nicknamed Dolly May.As he changes his opinions like the wind.
Judge 3. Jackie Stewart, Because he won more GP's than anyone else in F1,and is the supreme World Champion with no peers.

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