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Finally, someone else has noticed that NASCAR, while not a house of cards, is not a healthy series either. I mean if you checked out the F1 race at Monza last week, you saw a lot of empty seats and that's with a Ferrari on the pole. Tough times for racing and for everyone everywhere.

But NASCAR can help themselves first by working on Brian France's ego and convincing him that a 36 race series is an outdated business model and a 24 race series is more realistic. 4 car teams may be a thing of the past as well.

Again, like the car companies in Detroit who tried to run their outdated business models and finally it got caught up with them (and they have religion now, trust me...) NASCAR is going along the same path. My bet is that France and Co. were waiting this one out and hoped things would improve but with the economic dip (again) as Norris stated, time's up.

People change and their interests change and I doubt they'd come flocking back to NASCAR a few years from now as other forms of entertainment will grab them if their paycheque's recover. What NASCAR can do besides giving each car a distinct brand and visual identity is to court younger people that are more technically adept and advanced. If they say youth is the future, then get ahead of the game or at least address it. IndyCar has shown they have no clue given the chance the past few months.

One measure they can do is to block out local TV stations where the races are held. The NFL used to do it. NHL used to do it, may still do it.
Many people have HDTV by now and the view is so good in them there is no compelling reason to pay the way going to the races.

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