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"The only pass for the lead took place on lap 38...." That's F1 giving the middle finger to every F1 auto racing fan in this country.

"Everyone should be reminded not to drink the water"? In Singapore, Japan, and Korea? Mr. McDonald, the world has changed a little since the 1950s. Either that was a poorly-thought-out joke, or you need to get a bit more educated on the rest of the world. I enjoy your blog very much. But that was a silly thing to say, even if it was meant in jest.

I totatly agree with you about the coverage of TSN. I really do not think that TSN cares about the F1 fans at all. They can show soccer commercial free, so why can't they show F1 races commercial free? Why not bring F1 sponserd by So and So and run little pop ups at the run across the bottom of screen instead of going to the two boxes (with the ads in the bigger box, grrrr).

I despise F1 coverage on TSN, but starting THIS season in particular, they've started blacking out the F1 coverage on SPEED at the same time--so now I have no choice but watch their awful coverage. Varsha, Hobbes and Matchet are the best commentary team in the business, and instead we get to listen to that dunderhead from BBC or ITV or whatever it is. I like Brundle but the guy doing play-by-play can barely put a sentence together.

I miss watching SPEED F1 races. :(

Norris, I completely agree with you about TSN's dismal F1 coverage. They did a much better job before SPEED's coverage was blacked out. Take away the competition and you'll always get a crummy product.

Trust me, as a Canadian living in US, the SPEED coverage is nothing to write home about. Yes they show all the press conference and stuff, but they are no more in tuned with the actual action than you and me staring at a TV/Computer screen...

TSN is using the excellent BBC feed, but without all the interactive BBC gizmo(and in UK it is commercial free), if you are to blame anyone, blame the TSN/Cable provider who controls the relay feed....

I am with Norris though, I'll pay for Bernie's F1 over internet if it happens...

As for"NASCAR Canada has got to make it clear that teams can’t cherry pick races"_other then the top few drivers,most are rent a ride in some way or an other,so no cash no racing.

Totally agree with you on the TSN coverage of F1, why bother getting the rights to it if you don't do it right!

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