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Indy first. Brisoe was always the weakest of the 3 and Castroneves is as much the 'identity' of Penske as anything so he's not going anywhere. Briscoe is out. Subtle shot at the IRL. By withdrawing a car (and saying the sponsorship is not there) is The Captain's waying of saying that the IRL commmittee screwed up and did not select a Delta Wing type concept alternative. If Penske ever ran 3 cars I would take Wheldon over Briscoe anyday. And Dan has a nice shoe collection to boot.

F1. An old chesnut revived. Blocking. Head games. Team orders. Egos disjointed. I think my favorite is Sebastian F-Vettel vs. his mate, Herr Webber. Marky has the advantage and rightly so. A tough Aussie and one who has made mistakes this year but capitalized at the right time. Fettel is a talented driver but still mistake prone. However I think he thinks that he is the chosen one and my prediction is that there will be a Red Bull incident internally or on track before the season ends. If you look at the most talented driver of German birth out there its easily Nico Rosberg but then again, Ross Brawn will develop a car next year for a 42 year old has-been.

NASCAR. Kyle Busch will not win it but yeah...he is supremely talented. The maturity phase is still two years away. Denny Hamlin will be Sprint Cup Champion. You read it here first.

Argh!!!! TSN is really starting to annoy me. Back when TSN first published the Indy schedule, they posted that the Japan 300 would be on Sat at 11pm EST on TSN (not TSN2). Then I guess they moved it to a tape delay so they could show the CFL game live. Then they moved it back to live, but on TSN2.

TSN seems to treat motoring racing fans as their lowest priority. They'll announce coverage of a race months in advance, and then at the last minute they'll reschedule it. They never seem to do that to baseball or football fans, but racing fans better be prepared to check the TSN schedule daily or you can find yourself sitting down to watch a race and find yourself watching something else entirely.

On top of that, ever since TSN Alternate (which was included with your purchase of TSN) was rebranded as TSN2 and became a separate pay service TSN has been purposely spreading their race coverage across both channels. Forcing race fans to subscribe to the extra channel and pay more. I refused to pay extra to get exactly the same service I had before, so I don't get TSN2. I guess I won't be watching the Indy race live.

I think the thing that bothered me most about the team orders given in F1 was that somebody gave up a win to help the other guy. I can understand team orders for blocking, running interference... but in those cases, the driver doing the blocking isn't going to win anyway. Besides, how do you separate "blocking to help your teammate" and "blocking to preserve your position?"

In essence, in my opinion, the latter is still in the spirit of racing - go as fast as you can to stay ahead of the guy behind you as long as you can -- whereas the former is against the spirit of racing - slow down so the slower guy can catch up and pass you. Which is why I'm okay with the slower car running interference, but I'm not okay with somebody giving up the win so somebody who doesn't deserve it wins.


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