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Corvette won at Mosport in 2009, without Ron. This was the first win for them this season.

Its too bad you don't find ALMS interesting on TV. I left it on, while doing other thing around the house. But every time I come around to sit and watch for a bit, something is usually happening. Watching the big prototype dicing their way through traffic while playing cat and mouse with each other was exciting stuff.

There was a Canadian in NASCAR race,i'll give you a hint P.C.,also Villeneuve was diving in the Pitit LeMans too

kudos to Danica. she is a good racer and puts up with a helluva lot so the 2nd place result is well deserved but onto the ALMS. my favorite series but I'll side with Norris. something about the Petit Lemans was lacking and I noticed it on Saturday. it seemed to be artificially hyped. as a comparison I find Sebring a far better race even though its not the venue Road Atlanta is. how about having the southern Florida venue for the Petit Lemans?

Villeneuve in Petit Le Mans? Yeah, but who's Rene Villeneuve?

Birthplace: Springfield, Mass. Hometown: Los Angeles, California. I don't get it, man. Where's the Canadian connection?

Sir you evidently dont know much about NASCAR. First, Kyle Busch is not running for a nationwide championship. He has already sat out of several races. But to be third and miss races should tell you how good the kid is! Danica Patrick may be good in IRL but she needs to stay there. Nascar is not for her. Also let me make apoint here, if someone would have spun Jimmie Johnson Like they did Kyle in the same circumstance, you bet your bottom dollar Nascar would have taken action. You article is to point intresting but stick to the IRL or whatever and dont write about Nascar until you learn a little more about it.

Wow! Danica races hard for 10 whole laps in the last race of the season because of a fuel mileage stradegy and you crown her a race-car driver of the top rank. Give me a break. How about we see her race for 10 good laps in every race? And of by the way Danica has become the Milka Duno of NASCAR.

Hey buddy Kyle is not in the running for the nationwide championship he missed 5 races so he could focus on cup he is in the top three but behind by 500 points. Also why should kyle apologize when Newman spun him out last week did he apologize nope and the 00 didnt retaliate then did he.

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