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A while back, when I learned that Hermann Tilke had designed Korea, I voiced my opinion that it was just what F1 did not need, another boring circuit. Turned out not to be too boring, but could be a killer if some sections are not re-designed...just ask Petrov after his incident going into the box. Maybe Bernie the Bagman should consider just running events at Spa, Montreal and San Paulo, tracks that have some character. Sure would cut down on traveling expenses. Oh Bernie, look at all the extra money you could pocket!

Hamilton had no problems with race conditions, he was asking why they were still behind the safety car about 5 laps after they restarted. By the 15th lap he was telling the pit he was about ready to go to intermediates. When asked about the light conditions as Vettel was whinging on, he said they were fine. Seems like the race leaders were trying to keep the SC out as long as possible.

The Koreans did a fine job this year,and will put on a better race next year.

You only have to look at Red Bull in their entirety to say they worked as a team to blow this championship. From Helmut Marko to Mark Webber and Vettel to Christian 'Lapdog' Horner, they coughed it up and yes, they are the best team in F1 but not the smartest team. The smartest team is Ferrari. The toughest too. Alonso is one helluva driver and he WILL win the F1 driver's title. And the smartest team is the winning team. My apologies to all who don't like that but you can't buy experience. Pretty obvious (as Norris pointed out) that Vettel will be the defacto #1 next year as witnessed by the group hug given out to him after his engine gave up. Poor Webber. He may be a prick internally inside the team but no one held his hand on the way up and he calls it like he sees it. That's it for him. Unless Mercedes has a brain and replaces Schumacher with Mark.

NASCAR. Watched Petty Place. Pretty dramatic. I read all the releases on how they'd have cars here and there and next year. As one who has faced layoff (and not done well either) and heard all the promises I can tell that its over for RPM. Sad. My gut feeling though is Marcos Ambrose can hardly wait to head back under. Why ...............he could even lap JV next year! lol

"Our own Jacques Villeneuve triggered a NASCAR-type Big One on Saturday, so he must have felt right at home."

I don't think you were watching Norris !!..Jacques got bunted !!
IMO. He can still run with the best!

Secretariat's last race at Woodbine and on grass. It happened because of the Canadian connection. How about that other great Canadian horse, from Calgary, Majestic Prince, which should of won the triple crown in '69, but for an injury.

For the person who said the Koreans did a fine job...were you at the race? I WAS.

It was a shambles.

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