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"But the old mongoose pushed and pushed his younger teammate so that Nico finally couldn’t take it anymore and flat out blew it, crashing heavily." <-- That's misleading to say the least: the tyre apparently came off through no fault of the driver's - loose wheelnut for both the Mercedes and the Renault, according to Adam Cooper.


I got your message a few days ago and sent a note back. Yours was trapped by the SPAM filter for a few days before I checked. I wonder if the same thing has happened at your end. If you could check and let me know. Thanks.

Comment re Nascar. Those phantom cautions and all the other political crap is why to me the series has no credibility whatsoever and has so little apeal. The sad thing is that it diminishes all the hard work and talent of the teams and drivers.

Norris I watched the Hmiel crash video.It was horrific, he's lucky to have survived. Hope he recovers. Perhaps dirt tracks should consider putting in safer barriers if they have concrete retaining walls. Agree with you about Danica,Buescher could have lifted and avoided the mess. She's got talent and realistic goals,she was going for a top 15 in that race which was achievable.She also answers questions thoughtfully,check her comments after the race when interviewed.That's quite an accomplishment by Stewart Friesen as that's one tough track and race to win. Hopefully they'll replay it on Speed so we can see how he did it. Arpin deserves recognition. He's got talent and smarts. Those 3 wins came against tough competition in a very competitive series. In that last race he had 2nd locked up until he ran out of gas because of a miscalculation on the part of his crew. He drove a smart race and deserved a better finish than he ended up with

Not sure what happened to Rosberg in the F1 race actually. The onboard shot on his accident you can hear the engine suddenly spin up mid-corner and his left rear wheel departing the car. I don't think he actually blew it....Mercedes have lot a wheel before this season(Malaysia I think for Schumacher)....

This is still the old Honda team, the Brawn GP last year was really a fluke...

Interesting comment about the commercials during the live and repeated F1 race. I recorded the race to watch in the morning rather that watching the repeat, my rationale being that there would be fewer commercials in the middle of the night. I also notice that they lost the commentary from about lap 47 until the end. Is that where you fell asleep, Norris?

Record the SPEED coverage, it is somewhat better, gives additional information BBC might miss.

For Rosberg, the whole wheel came off (same for Kubica), not just the tire. It was not Rosberg's fault: Schumacher was lucky to collect the points.

If you really want the additional coverage and can do without watching it live, you might as well try to find recording of BBC's coverage online after the race. The actual coverage is uninterrupted with ads, and it also feature lengthy pre and post race stuff with panelist like David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan. It is greatly different from Speed's or our severely neutered BBC coverage...

Except that Coulthard's and Jordan's comments/remarks/speculations worth diddly squat to me. Always hit and miss. The only good commentator in the BBC crew is Brundle.

Not sure if Brundle comes up with those sayings on the fly (I'm inclined to believe he does) but here is a repository of them


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