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After the race last weekend, Jeff Gluck on SB Nation quoted Jr. as saying, "where the No. 88 team ran a "wicked, weird" setup Earnhardt Jr. called "alien." The information will be shared with the other Hendrick teams in hopes of helping Chase drivers Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson." I translate that to mean that he is still r&d-ing, yet & again. Surprise! Surprise! I am glad that Jr. had fun & is honing his skills in preparation for being out of HMS & free to be competitive again. :)
I believe that Brian France could pull off a huge public relations coup for himself, & make more money for himself…by dipping into some of his petty cash fund & buying out or doing whatever it takes to get Jr. out of HMS, & to an owner who wants him winning. It would fill seats at Brian’s tracks to have Jr. running up front and winning again, which I do not believe that Rick is ever going to allow. If Rick wanted Jr. winning, he would be. I don’t believe that it is going to happen as long as Jr. is yoked to Rick. Have you ever heard of the 25/88 r&d car running competitively for a championship?
For years Roush said that Jeff Burton was not r&ding for him, until he finally admitted that yes, Burton was r&ding. I believe that Jamie McMurrary took up the r&ding postion after Jeff left.
With all Jr. has done for Nascar and Chevrolet (aka Chevy:) ) I would like to see France & Chevy do whatever it takes to get Jr. free from Rick and put him with an owner who wants Jr. running up front & winning again.

I don't see that the standards, practices and ethics of the NASCAR Hall of Fame are any worse than those of the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, an organization that is heavily promoted and never questioned in these pages. Cut the NASCAR Hall of Fame some slack. It's new. Give it time to get it right.

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