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Why is the NASCAR HOF any different in the voting process from any other sport? All these sports put their buddies in, not the best players because the people at the top (regardless of which ever sport it is) still call the shots. Is Pete Rose in the Baseball HOF? Nope. (but hey...he did bet ON his team, NOT against it...it wasn't that bad a crime). Think a guy like Bernie Ecclestone doesn't put a few quid on certain drivers and where he comes from its legal.

But on talent and results alone, Rose should've made it years ago. Mike Ilitch, the owner of the Red Wings is in the Hockey Hall of Fame as a builder. Now I am a huge Wings fan but a lot of the hockey malaise that Damien Cox and those types write about (salary cap etc etc) were caused directly by him and two other clowns who own NHL teams. Ilitch has no business being there....at least not yet but some of his players (ie: certain Russians) should've been there a while ago. It's the buddy system. So don't just single out NASCAR. They're no different from anyone else. Hypocrisy is global.

Every Hall of Fame has it's issues...in the baseball Hall of Fame how did Ron Santo get left out when other third basemen of his era have already been inducted? Bud Moore introduced the small block Ford engine into NASCAR and that is still the same engine used today. How about the fact that out of the drivers named to the Hall of Fame, David Pearson, Bobby Allison and Dale Earnhardt drove for Moore at some time in their careers. Any voting panel for a Hall of Fame is a subjective formula doomed to second guessing by people of different eras. If baseball or football was opening their HOF this year, just think of the debate on the first five or ten guys named to each HOF.

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