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The AARP is actually a lobbying group for the BIG pharmaceutical companies. I understand your rant, Norris, and some of it is very well explained but I think rather than NASCAR and Hendrick/Gordon making a mistake, it's borrowing a page from the Bono/Bob Geldof playbook. The Oprah and Today Show types eat this stuff up. My only thought is I wonder if Gordon could feed 50mg of Lipitor to his Chevy engine after determing his engine was gonna blow during the late stages of Talladega.

As for Mark Webber. He seriously got hung out to dry. I have no doubt internally he rubbed certain people the wrong way such as Helmut Marko but lest we forget that Mark put up (for years) with poor reliability and endless development for the Jaguar/Red Bull Team. He deserves better but I think this is it for him. The real key is Adrian Newey and as much a young driving God as Sebastian Vettel is it comes down to having the key technical staff at the right time. If Newey left tomorrow, sure as Cinderella's coach would turn into a pumpkin, Vettel would turn into Adrian Sutil.

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